2019 Audi A5SB P+

Thoughts on this lease offer? Based on the Calculator I’m getting a score of 8.2 years and I’m thinking this offer is pretty average?

I’m based out of Indianapolis for those wondering.

What are the incentives applied to this deal?

This isn’t useful.

Compare pre-incentive discounts at base mf to other deals you’ve seen here.

Also, I love how they show a range on the payments, as if their spreadsheet doesn’t output an actual number. That way they can get you hooked on the lower number then sneak in an extra $750 in profit when they charge you the high number.

Ah yea I forgot to ask them about the pre-incentive sales price. I’ll confirm and update as needed.


Being told that is already inclusive of all incentives and that the sales price is the lowest they can go. On Edmunds I’m seeing an Audi dealer allowance of $4250 so if the sales price is inclusive of the $4250 from Audi then the dealer really is only discounting $3449. off MSRP which seems like a horrible deal to me :frowning:

agreed. That’s why you always split out the incentives so you can see what’s actually being charged.

contact @nyclife, he has some good deals on A5 SB this month.

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I’ve spoken with him before. He’s based out of the north east and I’m in the Midwest. I’ve never done a lease through a broker before so unsure how all that works but thanks for the advice!

@nyclife is a very reliable broker. All brokers work the same more or less, they have a flat fee they charge you and work with a network of dealers so you don’t have to do the leg work.

I am also in the midwest and have reached out to a few, and they have all been extremely helpful and informative!

Just received another offer for A5 P+ with Cold Weather and SLine package with B&O. Hopefully this is a good deal. I’m based out of the Midwest.

MSRP: $51,790
Sales Price: $41,437.93
Incentives by Audi: $4000
Residual: 56%
MF: .00091
$1500 DAS including $450 1st month and rest towards cap cost reduction.
$450 a month for 36 months and 10k miles

Let me know everyones thoughts!