2019 Audi A5 Premium Plus Cabriolet - Lease Check/Help

Hey all!!! First-time leasehackr here :wave:

I’m playing around with the lease calculator to get to my goal of a $500 lease monthly payment. Click here to see.

MSRP: $60515
RV: 50%
MF: 0.00030
Dealer cash: $3000

According to the Edmonds forums:

  1. The car I’ve been looking at has been on the lot for almost a year now, 320 days
  2. The MSRP can be lowered to at best $51,805 (not entirely sure how I’m going to justify this price)
  3. For 36/12 the .00030 MF and 49% residual with $3000 dealer cash. Link here.
    I confirmed that the MF was accurate by asking the dealer. I’m waiting to hear back from them in terms of the other drive-off fees they may have.

Sucks I’m in Florida so that doesn’t help but according to my numbers is there anywhere I can negotiate to get my goal of a 1% MSRP lease deal or less?

I also get a Corporate Discount with this particular dealership only which reads: “Up to 6% off all Program eligible Audi models: …A5 Cabriolet”. Not sure if this means 6% off the MSRP… anyone know?

Thanks in advance!!!

You lost me after mentioning that rule. It is non-existent and is not a measure of how good of a deal you made. There are too many factors that affect a lease payment.

Have you actually reached out to the dealer with the car for a lease quote? I get it that you are aiming for a certain pre-incentive discount to achieve your payment.

I do not recall seeing any recent A5 cab deals on LH. Give the search a try and see what comes up. I would suggest re-reading leasing 101. Trust me, it will help you better prepare for negotiations.

Btw, adjust the your calculator by moving the incentives to the taxed section…


You should base your goals based on reasonable pre-incentive discounts based on comparable deals, not an irrelevant percentage rule.

With that said, I don’t think that you 14% off pre-incentive number is unreasonable on a 2019 coming up on its birthday, however, be aware that sometimes when a dealer has had a car that long, it’s because they don’t want to deal at all. To get down in the $500 range, you’ll need to push that sales price down to $47000ish. I don’t see that happening.

Isn’t this contradictory to the video on “How does luxury car lease hacking work?”. He mentions that it’s better to go for a car that has been on the lot for more than 6 months.

It can go either way. A dealer can be very motivated to move it or it can be evidence that they dont want to budge at all on price.

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Went to the dealership for a 2019 Audi A5 Premium Cab. Is this a good deal?

MSRP: $51,290
Selling price (initial cap cost): $43,590
MF: 0.00070
Residual: 50%
Inception Fees: $1,648.5 + tax = $1,748.01
License fee: around $410
Total estimated drive off: $2761.12 which includes 1st month payment

Monthly tax: 7%
Monthly payment: $585.22 (including tax)

When I was telling them to change up the lease term to more months, it increased the MF… Is that normal?

It is not uncommon for different lease lengths to have different terms. As always, it’s best to verify RV/MF/incentive information with Edmunds for the lease terms you’re looking at.

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Honestly, that’s not completely terrible given all the factors that make this car kinda tricky to lease. It’s hard to find anything similar in this segment that’s going to beat that, a C class cabrio is almost definitely going to be more.

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2019 Audi A5 Premium Cabriolet Quattro
MSRP: $51,540
Asking price: $42,623 (17.3% off)
Drive off: $1850 (inception fees, no cap reduction)
Monthly with tax: $580 (rolled in acquisition fee)
Money factor: 0.0007
Residual value: 50%

Thank you so much leasehackr community for helping me on this adventure. After numerous back and forth, finally I got a deal that I felt was fair.

Cheers to my first convertible and luxury car!!! :grin: