2019 Atlas SEL-Premium 4Motion Help


Is this a good Deal. I am currently in talks with a VW dealer in NJ for a 2019 Atlas SEL Premium 4Motion(top trim). I have a 2017 Ford Focus RS with 13k miles that I would trade in that they are offering me 24,500 I owe 30,000 on it. They told me the remaining balance would wash off because of my tax credit I would get. They want to charge me 2654.08 for fees including 1st month payment. Monthly I am looking at 632.53. It is a 48 month lease with 7500(I don’t mind cause I am buying the car out right at the end).

VW Atlas price MSRP is 50,824
purchase price 43,750
price at end of lease 24,900
MF .00149

the fee are
Doc fee 549
Registration 316
Title 70
Dowc UV Theft 299
Tire Tax 7.50
Disposition Fee 395

Did you check with carvana vroom etc for trade value? 48mo not a good plan. Do not do the low mile lease with the intent of buying out, setup for the miles you’re going to use, then you have the option of walking away. Personally I would not NOT buy a VW after the lease, that thing will break, almost guaranteed. Just had the wife’s vw in for a recall and my service writer was telling me some horror story that a customer was having on a 2015 Jetta, we both laughed about how we would never have a vw out of warranty.

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Thanks I am going to check another dealership in CT tomorrow. They have the car in black, But if anyone else would like to give some input as well thanks. Also regardless of the VW is it a good deal or just bad.

Double check the lease cash on edmunds, looks like the se with tech might lease better

That lie alone would make me walk. With the tax benefit, you are effectively getting $26,123. Still a far cry from $30k. But, on top of that, you’d have to be paying tax on at least $24.5k to begin with. Would need more details on the lease, but I’m fairly sure you aren’t paying that much, so your tax benefit is even less. In amy case, figure you are burying at least $4k negative equity in this deal.

Just checked Manheim. $24.5k on your Focus is a but low, unless something is wrong with it or it has accident history. Carvana/vroom could possibly offer up to $27k.

I spoke with the dealership that sold me the Ford and they offer 26000 and there is nothing wrong with the car and they can certified it.

This is one of the worst deals posted here, TBH

Could you please provide the details of the $7K off? I’ve seen advertisements for $5-5.5K, but not this much off. Thank you in advance.

As others have said, it is a VERY bad lease.

I am almost certainly going to get an Atlas next month (but 4Motion SE w./Tech), but instead of Leasing I am just going to buy a 2018 or 2019 with around 20k miles. Since those years have a 6 year/72K bumper to bumper warranty, I am basically just going to drive until the warranty is up and then sell it.

Seems I can snatch one up for around 26-27K pretty easily, and then drive it for 40 months or so and then sell it. Should wind up to be better TCO than any current 3 row SUV lease.