2019 Atlas Lease details

I haven’t seen much better on an Atlas lately, especially with tax rolled in. $384 a month with 0 drive off is pretty good.

they actually quoted $399… calculator here shows $384… i still think its not too bad. thanks for the response.

How barebones is an Atlas with an MSRP of 32k?


3 row very spacious suv for the price. nothing fancy, can put heated seats for extra $300. still a great looking car, drives great.

If paying for the latest features, tech, etc. every 3 years isn’t a priority then the 2019 VWs are the last to have the 6yr warranty.

With “0% APR” you could finance one for effectively way less than doing two leases.

Good point! Thank you. I am visiting store tomorrow and if the numbers look right to buy, I may just do that.

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I looked at the Atlas and liked them, but in the end I ended up in a Pilot. Your price is better than any I could get here in my area. The pilot had a lot more features, higher MSRP and yet after all is said and done the Pilot was significantly cheaper to lease. I got an EX and like the price and features in that model. Just another to consider if you are searching for a three row deal. I ended at $369 all in tax and all for an EX Pilot with a true $0 out the door, nothing but my signature! :slight_smile:

We liked the Atlas too, though both engines were underwhelming, the size was great. VW just would not deal at all here.

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