2019 AMG C43 Coupe Lease Deal

Here’s the deal I’ve able to negotiate so far-

MSRP- $70,885
Sales Subtotal - $65214.2
Tax- $5060.75
Fees- $828
Cash down -$1942.8 (1st payment + fees)
MF- .00168
RV- $36,860.20
Lease for 36months/10K - $1068

The sales representative gave me a 8% discount. I was pushing for 12. While leaving, he said he can push it to 10%. What do you guys think? I love the car with all the options. Unfortunately, this color with all the these options isn’t available at any dealer within 100 miles of me (Bay Area)

You can get a C63 for that price.


Not to pile on but m4 or m5. Both will smoke that car.

$1068, $2k DAS for a C43, I might throw up :nauseated_face:


You can get an m3/4 for that price. Never seen an M5 that low but you hold get an m550i with a twin turbo v8 that is faster than the last M5 for sure. Mercedes C43 doesn’t lease well right now but if that’s what your heart wants then 10% off before rebates is pretty strong for that car…


If they offered 10 ($63,800), they can do 14 ($61,000). That MF also looks pretty high…

Learning myself but I got from Edmunds that the MF for this car is 0.00110

You cannot get a coupe for that price :slight_smile:

I’m trying to figure out what is a good lease amount for a $70K C43. Have been in touch with some brokers, who are suggesting me that $850 per month is the best I can hope for

c43 coupe has bad residual and incentives, and you aren’t gonna get big discounts. $850 probably will be the best you can get.

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Maybe I was thinking pre-refresh.

The coupe is a tough one, $800s for a $70k sticker is probably right, maybe there’s a bit of room to be in the high $7’s with MSDs.

jeez, 1k a month, grab an i8 for that money lol…


Can confirm, I work for a Benz dealer and all AMGs have terrible leases. we still have a couple of 2018 C43 we can’t lease, and no one wants to buy

lol, enjoi’ed the reference :slight_smile:

C43 Sedans arent too bad, didnt use to be at least :slight_smile:

haha yeah.
When the C450 came out, our employee lease was low 400s with 300-600 DAS. Now its like 600ish a month for a C43.

Smack that AMG badge on it and jack everything up!

saw this on Craigslist yesterday, comes pretty close (no affiliation)

Anyone have the numbers for a 2019 c63 s amg coupe? Thank you