2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio

I was offered $350/mo taxes included on a $47.XXX 2019 Stelvio with $1350 due at signing for a 24/10k. Should I be trying to bring it down a bit more or am I stupid not to be jumping on this?

Hard to PinPoint the discounts without having the details of your region and deal but on the surface it looks like a good deal.

Wait… didn’t you post about this last week? I swear I saw a post where you were trying to pawn off this exact deal to someone else for a $250 broker fee?

Without a full breakdown of the numbers, we can’t really evaluate this deal.

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Location, trim, and bank(Ally or CC).

Norcal, base awd, and CC

I did, but it was with 1850 down. He dropped another $500 which had me considering. i guess it’s a fine line between further discounts and stock running out on the 19s.

I just picked up a 19 stelvio ti sport, 57.5k MSRP for 393/month with 1400 DAS (1st month, tax/fees). If ohio didn’t have stupid tax rules on leases it would have been 40-50 cheaper per month.

What was the sale price of the car? Did you qualify for any additional incentives?

I qualified for owner loyalty (I was told this was for 2000, returning lease loyalty is more).

Sale price was 49215. An additional 8000 in rebates (including the 2000 in loyalty), sale price of 41215 + acq/doc/taxes.

I think my rebates are nowhere near that, I think the TI Sports also have a larger rebate from Alfa ($750 vs $1500), I’m only working with a competitive rebate which is $1000 instead of $2000.

Im not real sure how they came up with 8000. When I go to Alfa’s website and view a TI Sport it only shows 3500 in rebates, 2750 for non-TI.

My lease was also through Ally, if that matters for rebates- but it shouldnt.

How much max discount are we looking at for 2019 alfa these days. I heard there was another 2500 with loyalty.