2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Lease offer 350$ per month. Advice needed

Got the following offer from the dealer after a long drawn negotiation

Model: 2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio
Trim: Base awd with cold weather pkg
MSRP: 44000
Dealer discount: 4000
Other discounts : unknown
Sale price: 40000
RV: don’t know
Msd: 0
Capital reduction: 2000
Monthly payment: 350$ (including tax)

Looks good on paper as it’s close to the 1% rule. I can ask for 400$ per month without anything down.

Does this sound like a good deal?

I don’t know how much the programs have changed since I picked mine up last month but I’m fairly certain there’s a lot more discount to be had here

Discount is weak.

What’s the down payment?

Down payment is 2k

So over $400/month for a stripped Alfa? Pass. Sounds horrendous.

Hello everyone! I’m new here and new to leasing.
I also need help in terms of what I should be aiming for lease payments.

I’m located in the NY/NJ/CT/PA area. I was looking at some Stelvios sport priced between $51,000-$53000 MSRP. What what should I be aiming for monthly payments, with or without down payments. I understand the 1% rule, but how do I get dealers to go that low?

Roll in your 2k das and see what your payments look like…assuming this is for 24 months you will be below the 1% rule easily.

That’s why I thought it’s a good deal. Also 350$ includes taxes n fees. So 400$ everything included with 0$ down seems good