2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Lease help

Hello ladies and gents, I have a deal on my hands but not the breakdown of the numbers.

2019 Stelvio Ti Sport AWD 36/10.

$51k MSRP $0 down / $0 drives offs $469 with taxes included for 91784. They’re also quoting $497 for 12k and $532 for 15 miles. Mind if I get the RV, MF and incentives? Sorry tried edmunds but no one is responding.

I qualify for $6500 worth of incentives

Thanks in advanced!

We don’t have access to that info here. Edmunds is where we all go for it.

Thank you, I’ve tried but it looks like their Moderators are busy. It seems like a decent deal, I just don’t want to leave money on the table.

It’s not going anywhere. Definitely worth waiting for the info from edmunds to verify. Keep in mind that it’s the beginning of the month, so new program numbers may take some time to show up.


What rebates do you qualify? So what’s your sales price? You also didn’t include the length of the lease?

Incentives add up to $6500 which includes loyalty.

MSRP 51k / Sales price before incentives is $46754

From the salesman which I need to verify:

MF .0050 / Residual Of 49% at 36/10 / Sales tax of 7.75%