2019 Acura TLX V6 w/A-Spec & Tech Lease Deal--Decent or Not?

Hey y’all,

Long-time Honda customer (over 10 years now) here coming to the end of my first Acura lease and planning on getting another one. I considered possibly switching to Lexus, Tesla, or holding off for the 2021 redesign, but one of the Acura dealerships here made me an offer for a 2019 Acura TLX V6 w/A-Spec, Tech and red leather that has me somewhat interested. He said the numbers are typically what they offer for leases of the 2020 TLX base, but 2019s are heavily incentivized right now so he’s able to make the offer.

Here’s the car. The offer is 36 months, 10k miles/yr, 1k down, $469/month.

The last time I went through this process, I felt pretty well-prepared. Edmunds listed a number of active incentives, and I was able to add them all up to figure out that I was getting the best possible deal when I sat down with the dealer. This time I feel like I’m going in a bit blinder, so I’m looking to y’all for help. Is there somewhere I can go to find Acura’s active incentives on 2019 TLXs? Or perhaps yall can just share your experience/knowledge of what I should be expecting on 2019 TLXs now?

Also open to being told that the offer is great and that I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Basically, any advice on the quality of the deal and things I should do before I go in would be great and much appreciated. Thanks y’all.

There have been many 2019 TLX threads recently. Read up on those threads, but there’s tons of dealer cash on the TLX right now. You need to shoot for 10%+ off before incentives.

From my searches of the forum, there’s only a couple recent posts on Acura 2019 TLXs. I think they’ve helped me see that I need to ask for a better deal, but I guess I’m still working out how much better of a deal I should be seeking.

MSRP is $43,795, so 10% off would be 4,379.5–essentially you’re saying I should be asking for $4000 to $5000 off sticker, which seems reasonable for a 2019 TLX. From there, I’ve seen the numbers floated around for incentives as $9.1k or so. So adding those together, it seems the price should come down to $30k or thereabouts.

A post from 26 days ago had residual value at 50% and MF at 2.25%, so using those numbers and $1250 down, the calculator has me paying $350/month, which is a massive drop (that is quite welcomed).

Anyone had experience with similar numbers in leasing or considering leasing a TLX? Want to make sure my numbers are grounded in logic and not fantasy.

No, MF is 0.00225. That’s a lot higher than 2.25%, and MF is not equivalent to a finance APR in that it’s fixed based on cap cost + residual unlike a finance charge which reduces each month your principal is reduced.

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okay fair enough. I’ve never really looked at MF too much b/c my understanding is it’s something the dealer sets and you won’t have much luck haggling over it. Do you have thoughts on the other components of the deal, namely the idea that i’ll be able to go into the dealership and ask for 4-5k off the top in addition to 9k lease incentives. sounds great but im expecting a good deal of push back (and indeed have not spoken to a single dealer in the area who approaches $350).

Seems reasonable. Reach out to a lot of dealers.

I had a TLX and was hoping to take advantage of those huge incentives, but the dealer made me feel that I was lucky to keep the same payment. I made my offer and was told it was not acceptable to them. The fact that there was no counter meant we were not even close.

Maybe it was the snobby dealer, but I did not see much wiggle room beyond about $1 - $2K beyond the incentives.

Ya that is the feeling im getting as well. The dealer I spoke to was very reluctant to give me anything at all online, but when I told him I wouldn’t consider coming in unless I had numbers that interested me and I’d consider, he sent me the offer. It seemed interesting to me b/c I currently pay $410 on a 2016 Acura TLX w/Tech package, but the incentives were different then, I had a large number of add-ons, and I was buying the 2016 Acura TLX at a different point in that year’s life cycle.

My feeling is that he’s going to be unwilling to go much lower than $450, but I guess if the reason for the difference is fees, I can’t complain. If the reason is that they just won’t budge on the price price and are relying on the incentives to do all the work, then I’ll know it’s not for me.

WOW - similar. I was in a 36/10 lease at 420, and he offered the same payment for the same car. V6 with Tech FWD.

I went to Honda and kept my loyalty :slight_smile:

The base MF is set by the leasor, but the dealer can mark it up above the base rate to make more money. That mark up is negotiable if they’re doing it

If last year is any indicator, lease support is ending in August. Rebates are $9,100 for most except base models. You’re target price seems reasonable. I had negotiated a sales price of $35,930 for a 2.4 tech with heated steering wheel and remote start. Dealer is itching for me to sign but I think there is still room. Two dealers have told me that 65% of new Acuras are leased so let the dealer know that you are willing to sign for a hefty discount without a marked up money factor. Their other option is to move it into loaner inventory instead and depending on how many 19s they have in stock they would be crazy to let you walk.

Two weeks ago, I leased a 2019 AWD A-spec for $382.36/month plus tax, with $1077 out of pocket. I had a $1250 loyalty credit as well. Lease terms were 36/10k. You can do a lot better than this.

Was it V6?

FWD isn’t available with SH AWD so yes

Thanks y’all, this was exactly what I needed. That deal you just quoted tbharvey85 would be my dream, and I’m in the exact same position as you; I should be eligible for the loyalty credit as well and terms should be identical.

Going to go in Saturday and see what I can come out with.

Do it over email, don’t go in person. If you’re concerned they won’t take you seriously, do it over the phone. But going in person on the last day of the month to do anything except sign papers and take delivery is a mistake.

You can let them know you’re serious by saying upfront that you’ll come in immediately and take delivery if the numbers are agreeable.

so initially I was going to go in b/c there’s only one houston dealer in the four here that has the V6 A-Spec with red interior, but it seems another one just got one in stock. I’ll be making some phone calls this afternoon and see where we can go.

edit: the other one has a black exterior, but oh well, better to negotiate with two than put all my eggs into one dealership basket.