2019 acura tlx a-spec 2.4

Hi, I’m new to the site and wondering if I’ve got a good deal. The MF is 000.93 and residual value is 21,005. I’m in Virginia.

Most Acura incentives have been dealer cash, so most sales prices already included the incentives. Your discount, before incentives, is great.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I’m planning to go tomorrow and I’m trying to get some advice ASAP. What is dealer cash? Should I ask for it? Should I push for the 1% rule?

Maybe there isn’t dealer cash on this TLX since you are getting a $2750 rebate. You are already better than the 1% rule and that’s with a high doc fee and paying tax on the entire sales price. Enter all the numbers into the calculator just to make sure it checks out, but it looks like a great deal.

I’m seeing $4100 dealer cash from Edmunds on the A-Spec. What is the $2750 rebate? I see there can be flex cash, but that seems to max out at $1500.

Rebate line as far as I understand MUST match with dealer cash Edmunds mods are provided, and I got full rebate in both of my deals on MDX and TLX. Dealer keeps $1350 as a profit from this deal IMHO.

The rebate started at $2000, then I let them know I was a vet once they gave all the numbers, so that gave the additional $750.

So you got 4100? What should I say or do I need to get something from edmunds?

I never mentioned that I got $4100, I got my cars back in 2016 and 2017. Just politely tell them that you know that the factory rebate is XXXX, otherwise, move to another dealer. Moreover, there’s up to $1500 flex cash they can apply to your deal.

I see, I’ll do that. Thank you!