2019 Acura RDX - First time leasee


Hi I’m in Delaware and want to lease a 2019 Acura RDX. How would i go about it?
Should I contact the dealer to get a breakdown in price? See below for the online information.

go to edmunds and get the basic info like residual, money factor, current incentives. then start contacting dealerships in your area, as many as you can. You can also search for old RDX topics on this website to get a better idea on what some deals people were getting. that website price is based off the MSRP so definitely wouldn’t pay that.

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Currently own 2019 RDX. Suggest you don’t lease the first year model. Many electronic glitches and suspension noises due to bad lower control arm are driving me crazy. Check AcuraZine before you made decision.


All that and then, yes, ask the dealers for the lease worksheet (or breakdown of the numbers).

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I currently have the 2018 Tiguan which is being bought back by VW in a few weeks because it ended up being a lemon. I also had the VW Passat TDI that I ended up giving back in October (I loved the car for its gas mileage). I want something reliable and I’m not going back to VW anytime soon because of that reason.

You might want to look at Consumer Reports reliability ratings of newly designed Honda and Acura models. Honda is, IMHO, coasting on a reliability rep that hasn’t been accurate for at least the past several years…

Even luxury German makes probably aren’t going to be as bad as your VWs have been…

Be sure that the ad you’re seeing is based on DE tax. Leasing in DE adds a considerable amount to the cost because of taxes.

That’s a BS manufacturer “offer”. There is not a single good deal on Leasehackr that has come from one

I do completely agree that Honda reliability is not nearly what it used to be. But be aware that many current Honda-Acura owners have owned these vehicles for years/decades without issues and COMPLETELY FLIP OUT ALL OVER THE INTERNET if they have even a single minor issue that the dealer takes care of and provides a loaner car for. They expect vehicles to be completely problem free even in the warranty period. YMMV, but I’m a frequent on DriveAccord and most of the things people complain about make me laugh. They’re still relatively very reliable, just not dead nuts indestructible with little to no maintenance like the models of yore.

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