2019 Acura RDX AWD Base

Hackers, how’s my deal in Bay Area, CA 95035?

(I know I am missing the SP, MF, Residual, but this is what I have - dealer did not let me walk out with the lease sheet)

Terms: 36/10K
MSRP: 40395
DAS: 2000
Per Month: 476 (Including 9% Tax)
Total cost of lease: 18660

Snap a pic of lease sheet?

Unfortunately not even that.

If they’re refusing to let you take a proof or a picture then tell these jokers to bugger off then. Personally if there’s anything I don’t tolerate it’s shuffling numbers in front of me that I can’t take or record to research in further detail in a no-pressure environment.

Email a few dealers instead and see where you get as it seems like it could be better despite lack of detail here.

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That’s exactly what they did. Although the sales guy was super nice and chilled, they did shuffle numbers! and then politely refused to let me take the final lease sheet home.

Happens way more often than you think. Take some time to shop some other dealers by email and get written quotes.

Please update us with your findings. :slight_smile:

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Don’t walk into the dealership. E-mail or phone.

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Mailed 6 dealers within 100 miles.
Best quote received so far:
MSRP: 40395
DAS: 1056.66
Per Month: 475.26 (Including 9% Tax)
Total cost of lease: 17691

How’s this? Although I’d have liked to keep it at 17K.

It’d be helpful to have selling price (w/ breakdown of incentives) and MF (to see if that’s marked up). Having said that… I only skimmed the other RDX base posts, but your monthly seems roughly equal to what other posters have been offered (once you account for difference in DAS), so it seems like you’re not being gouged.

Did you offer $17k? If not, try it to see what happens.

I haven’t been keeping up w/ the BMW X3 loaners, but, if you’re not wedded to the RDX, you check to see if an X3 loaner can be had for $17k total…

MF Residual do seem ok.
And no, I offered to sign 16.5K not a penny more than that, but they say this is the lowest they can go as per their Employee pricing or such. Just now another dealer has come forward to beat this. Still waiting on their details. Will keep post updated.

I’m trying to get numbers on an RDX base for my wife via email and they keep trying to call without giving any numbers over email.

Update: After pushing the Internet Sales guys from all dealerships, to go back to their managers, 4 “managers” jumped in at the similar structure of:

Terms: 36/10K
MSRP: 40395
DAS: 1040
Per Month: 475 (Including 9% Tax)
Total cost of lease: 176XX

This now seems like an ‘after the dust settles’ price to me, and I’m signing the nearest one tomorrow first thing.

Calculator fits too:

One question though. How do I rate this deal on the 1% rule. Never really learnt to calculate that.
Is it 100 * PM(without tax) / MSRP ? If so, this deal is then 100*436/40395 = 1.08%. If it’s correct, then I’d say in the bloodsucking Bay Area, I returned home safe.

Any more tips for me before I go in tomorrow? Should I put like 1K down and get a lower monthly?
Should I buy a care plan etc etc.

Give your total budget upfront. See if they meet it.
Say you are going to sign it today (And also be ready for it).
Don’t pick up calls. I got multiple calls after every email back and forth, I did not pick 1.
Guys wanted me to “come over and work out a deal with us” without disclosing the concrete number - politely refused.
I learnt one thing: The less you speak - the better. Say yes and nod to everything they say - take it all in, and then politely reiterate your budget.


I leased the base 2019 RDX AWD with 4000 downpayment for 318 per month 10k per year including taxes.

MSRP 40,295
Discount 4250
Sales price 36045
Tax 123
Tag title fee 591.5
Predelivery service charge 799
Minus 1000 loyalty rebate
Balance 37153.66 OTD

Residual 25k

Looks like they fished that rebate back out of your pocket with that “pre-delivery” scam.

Wow. Where? What was the MF then?

It’s required all Acura destination fee.

Destination fee is in the MSRP.

Do you mean acquisition fee? What’s the deal sheet say? Either way despite the heavy up front the payment looks about right.