2019 Acura RDX-Aspec FWD - Good Deal?

This is in Massachussetts

Does he qualify for the conditions? Does he want a non-A Spec?

Dont know and don’t care

Then you’re not very helpful.

All these RDX threads, and I see one common factor… Dealers are milking the sh** out of these hot crab cakes. No doubt, its a very nice car and they did a great job with the whole redesigning but anyone considering these should either be patient or go the MDX route.
Just look and learn from the current generation Accord leases. Started off insane and only now after a year have we started seeing decent, and i repeat DECENT still not sick deals on those.

At a payment of around 500-600 I would start looking at a Stelvio/Q5/X3 or X5.

Looking to lease a 2019 Acura RDX and trying to determine what a good deal would be for the base model, no package, no money down, for a 12,000 mile lease? I think I can get a few dealers close to $450/ month with $1,000 drive offs, but can’t gauge whether that’s a “good” deal. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I’m in the same situation, same deal and not sure if it’s a good deal or not?

Is this a good deal on RDX AWD A-SPEC?

MSRP: 46,895
Price: 45,995
36 mo/7500 miles per year
5k down

$1 per mile lease cost. On an Acura that’s not an NSX. Good deal :rofl:

Can you elaborate? I’m clueless when it comes to car leases, I joined this forum to help educate myself.

In short it sucks big time. Not even sure where to begin with. Only 7,5k miles? $5k down?
So you are paying $630 per months for a 48k car?
Unless you can’t live without it I’d move on to something else.

And next time to better educate yourself you need to learn about Residual value, MF, down vs due at signing, 1% rule, no-no of putting anything down.
I think you may need to read up more leasehacking 101. It’s covered here somewhere, just I don’t ha e exact link.

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$5k down? That’s terrible! Haven’t looked into the RDX #s but seems like a new hot car so probably harder to lease with good #s and most likely can’t hacked until next year.

Then educate yourself by reading posts and information…

Looking for MF, Resid and Incentives 36/10k for 11361
for A SPEC for March 2019. Thank you.

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Check the Edmunds lease forums.

I just paid 5500 out of pocket all fees and first month. $385 per month 36 months
AWD A-Spec.
I think this was a ok deal but not to sure

$5,500 upfront is steep — I guessing some cap cost reduction was applied

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I guess :woman_shrugging:t3:

I posted this in another thread but I wanted to make sure it gets read.

I’ve done my homework shopping around and this seems to be the best I can’t find… want to see what the braintrust thinks. Looking to take advantage of the lease deals Acura has on a ‘19 AWD Advance:
MSRP 48,895
Negotiated sales price: $45500
Less Acura 3175 cash and 1000 for existing customer
MF: .00225
RV: 54%
Monthly: $615