2019 Acura RDX-Aspec FWD - Good Deal?



2019 Acura RDX - A-spec
MSRP - $44,495
Sale Price - $42,491
Doc Fee = $598
Acq Fee = $595
Tax = $1477
Tag/Title - $67
Atlanta, GA
36 months/12k miles per year
$627 per month (drive off is zero down - first payment only)

Base RDX quote is $523/month - same terms using MSRP of $38,295 and sale price of $36,588

Thanks all!


Not a good deal.


Sounds awful to me


Maybe this is just what they are going for as they seem pretty hot right now, but that is terrible.


Hi Mani. A friend recommended you as a champion for us non negotiators. I don’t really know how to use messaging here. How can I contact you with what I’m looking for and my options?


And that friend didn’t give you my phone number ? Lol.
Jk shoot me a pm please.


Not really, if the OP searches and reads a bit, he will find a deal on base which was very decent.


Thanks - these numbers are consistent with three different dealers in the area, - I agree seems high that is why I posted. Mani_is_Kool - How about reposting the “deal on base which was very decent”?


Ok - i found this as a prior post:

“Picked up a 2019 RDX Base a few days ago. MSRP was $38695, selling price was $35000. 36/7.5. RV 64%, MF .00131. Rolled in the AF of $595 and Doc Fees of $599. Zero cap cost reduction. DAS $396 plus $107 DMV fees. Per month $396 plus tax. Didn’t need Tech or AWD.”

The difference there is that this lease is 7,500 miles/year and mine is 12,000 (I could not do 7,500). His is $396 + tax which is let’s say is another $40/month. So, he/she is paying $436/month for 7,500 miles a year and I was quoted $523/month (tax included) for 12,000 miles a year. Doesn’t seem like my quote was too out of line if you compare. But I agree - high. Thoughts?


That’s my deal up there. Just to be clear, it’s $396 plus 7% tax. $426. Yes 7500 miles. If I had gone to 10k per year it changes the RV by 1%. I am at a 9.5% discount. The problem now with the RDX is there is zippo incentives (Loyalty only). The money factor isn’t all that great and unless you can find a dealer willing to give you a large discount, I think you know the answer. Like I mentioned in my post, don’t need Tech, A-Spec or Advance.

Your deal above isn’t close to 9.5% off the MSRP


Ok … appreciate you sharing and clarifying. If you only need 7500 miles/year, seems like the best option. Basically, I am getting an extra 375 miles a month for roughly about an extra $100/month compared to your numbers - comes out to about 26 cents per mile. Excess mileage would be about 25 cents per mile - so sounds like my numbers and yours are close - notwithstanding the fact that you are “9.5% off MSRP.” Many thanks again.


You aren’t going to find a deal. If you want an overpriced fancy CR-V, you have to pay.

If you want a decent compact luxury CUV at a great payment, go lease a QX50.


So how do you like your RDX, Mah? :slight_smile:


Lol a fancy crv ? Really ?
Clearly you dont know the difference.


MANI - What is your view on my lease quote now for the base RDX as compared to SWF’s deal as discussed above? The way I broke down the numbers seems like the same deal when you factor in I am getting 12k miles per year and he is getting 7,500. Thanks in advance.


Honest advice, wait a few more months. A $500+ payment for a $38k car is not good. The model is too fresh right now to get a good deal on it.


It’s not about the miles. Some people need less, some more. You have to determine your deal based off the MSRP discount. You might find some dealers willing to offer more off the MSRP. For me I offered the amount I was willing to pay. I already knew the MF and residual. I was gonna get as close to 10% as possible or no deal. The RDX deal was good for me because the RV is high, the discount was good and Acura offers a 7500 mile lease.


Ok, got some lower numbers from another dealer on the A-Spec trim so making some progress here. I agree the car is hot right now so I am paying a premium. Thoughts on this one? Anyone see anything for lower with 12,000 miles/yr which I need? Thanks.

MSRP - $44,895
Rebates/Discounts - $3,029
Sales Price = $41,865
Tax - $1478
Aquisitition Fee - $595
Doc Fee - $599
Title/License - $144
36 months - 12,000 miles/year
MF - .00131
Residual - $26,937
Cash Down - $587
Monthly Payment - $587


You can get two Infinitis with that payment. Mani will hook you up.


Thanks - but I don’t like the QX50 :slight_smile: