2019 Acura RDX A-Spec - I need a little help here!

My wife is in the market now for an RDX. She has an old 2006 Honda Accord and insists on trade in and purchase. This vehicle I found is an A-spec pack RDX 2019 model, that’s been on the lot for a year and a half. It’s been used as a demo with ~2000mi on it. They refuse to give me an offer and just keep responding with, “well where is your head at, where do you want to be?” I dont know how to respond. I honestly want to get the car for $34k, ~30% discount, but I don’t want them to shut me out either. How can I get them to offer first? I haven’t told them about the trade in yet, I want to get a decent discount and then hit them with a trade for a maybe another $1500 or $2k off the price. Been practicing at my leasehack game but I’m still new to negotiating and I’d say without emailing, pretty much suck at it. Any help would be appreciated!

Update: offered me an 8% discount at $44,400. I countered with my 30% which I think was insulting as I haven’t heard a word back. So thanks for the advice guys. Think I’ll get a 2020 and use those available incentives. Have a dealer with a 12% discount.

$34k might be a bit low based on a quick nationwide search on 19-20 RDX A-Specs. You’d probably be closer to the $38k to $44k range, depending on how motivated the dealership wants to move the car. Has the car been registered before or is it considered new with 2k miles on it?

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Are you trying to lease or purchase this? 30% discount on a demo is steep. Maybe 18% discount before incentives (if any are available on a 2019) is fair. Sell the trade separately from the deal, you’re not going to get high trade in value AND steep discount. Usually one or the other.

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Yes she insists on a purchase. I found some info new 2020 Acura’s that haven been getting around 12% discounts. So, I felt I could squeeze this dealer. The car has been on the lot for over 500 days, and it’s been used as a demo. They increased price of the car possibly to offset the discount. They prices it $48 when it should be MSRP $46. I agree 30 is crazy discount but That’s why I’m here.

I believe they consider it new as a demo.

Speak your mind! Offer what your willing to pay! Then let them counter! You will never find out how low they are willing to go unless you try!

They are offering larger rebates for a lease. Lease it and buy it out asap. Most of the discounts you see include these factory to dealer rebates. People havent been separating them from dealer discount. Seems like they have been playing hard ball on dealer discounts sticking to single digits. Keep pushing the fact that it’s been there over 500 days.

I see. I agree most of my leverage is the days on the lot. I still don’t have an email and the sales manager gave me a call. Thanks for the help guys I’ll have to go from here.

Probably a reason the dealer has been sitting on the car as long as they have. Offer 30%. Worst they can do is say no.

Agreed. I guess I’ll give it a shot. I’ll come back to update.

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Thanks, I’ll give it a shot in a few and see how it goes.

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