2019 Acura Mdx w/Tech

I’m a Connecticut resident with a quote for a 2019 MDX Tech from NY. $1800 das, $449 including tax. 12k/39month. Does this sound like a good deal? Confirmed the residual and MF are the baseline.

You’ve been a member here long enough to know we need more info than that.

I know. Its my brothers deal. He doesn’t remember the adjust cap. I actually tried contacting 3 of our brokers and never got a quote from either of them. The msrp was $52350

Why 39 instead of 36? Think 39 is 2 point drop in residual compared to 36.

Alright, maybe I shouldn’t have posted this question without the details.lol. i’m sure it was the 36 month. I was just wonder with $1800 das and $449 month, 12k/36months that this was a good deal. I know acura has a $9500 total incentive with loyalty. I believe his adj cap was between $38 - $39k.

Sounds like an decent deal. Dealers are discounting around 5-7% + Acura incentives on this. I was quoted 0 total out of pocket and 500 a month for one. I eventually went with an A-spec model for 1000 out of pocket and 500+tax.

Where is this dealer at? Please PM

Wappinger falls acura

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I called them and thy had no more 2019,the deal that they offered me was:
MDX 2020, $1000 down, 658/mo, 36mo, 12k,MF 0.00225, RV 0.55, RV 28,817. All per the person who spoke to me. I didn’t think the deal was good, ( but I dont have any numbers to compare yet)

There was a huge difference in incentives for the 19’s when my brother got the car. He got about $9500. Now according to Edmunds, its $3500 for a 2020.

Hi, I would like to know zip 02664, RV, MF and incentives for 2020 MDX SH-AWD with Tech package 36/12K. Thank you!
.00215 and 57%
$3500 incentives

95124 zip. I am interested too

Hi all. Anyone who has some input on current MF and residual for 2019 MDX fwd tech package? Zip code 90712

Is MF of 0.00225 the lowest right now?

I am new to leasing world so any input will be appreciated. Thanks all!