2019 Acura Mdx w/Tech

I’m a Connecticut resident with a quote for a 2019 MDX Tech from NY. $1800 das, $449 including tax. 12k/39month. Does this sound like a good deal? Confirmed the residual and MF are the baseline.

You’ve been a member here long enough to know we need more info than that.

I know. Its my brothers deal. He doesn’t remember the adjust cap. I actually tried contacting 3 of our brokers and never got a quote from either of them. The msrp was $52350

Why 39 instead of 36? Think 39 is 2 point drop in residual compared to 36.

Alright, maybe I shouldn’t have posted this question without the details.lol. i’m sure it was the 36 month. I was just wonder with $1800 das and $449 month, 12k/36months that this was a good deal. I know acura has a $9500 total incentive with loyalty. I believe his adj cap was between $38 - $39k.

Sounds like an decent deal. Dealers are discounting around 5-7% + Acura incentives on this. I was quoted 0 total out of pocket and 500 a month for one. I eventually went with an A-spec model for 1000 out of pocket and 500+tax.

Where is this dealer at? Please PM

Wappinger falls acura

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