2019 A5 sportback Premium Plus - TX


You need to post on the Edmunds forum and ask for this car in your zip, not just look at what others post.

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I did. 0.000121 was for my zipcode

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And they didn’t have the RV or incentive information?

Not the one that Ive looked at. I posted a new request just now.

Ask the dealer about tax credit, on top of other things mentioned above

Just as a comparison point for discounts:

I somehow doubt the MF is six decimals

That MF is insane… Even FCA and Kia dealers won’t do that…

Might have remember it wrong. The newest number from Edmunds: .00225 and 55%
,$7000 dealer marketing allowance, for lease or purchase

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any idea how to negotiate? or should I try another dealer?

I’d walk away from this dealer, and then spend some time doing a good bit more research before reaching out to another dealer. You want to know exactly what the vehicle should lease before talking to a dealer.

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If I am not mistaken Audi offers 0% financing for 72 months on 2019 cars. If the $7k rebate applies while using the 0% financing then you are better off financing it if you are dead set on getting the A5 Sportback. If any German sport sedan would do (technically the A5 Sportback is a liftback but I digress) then you can find better lease value in the BMW 3 series or Mercedes C class…

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Taking that $7k into account, the dealer is only giving you a discount of $2540. That is a measly 5% off MSRP on a 2019 model. Even for an Audi, that is awful.

Find another dealer and make them an offer. I would aim for between 12 - 15% off MSRP before the $7k market allowance, with buy rate MF. Also find out if a dealer is able give a tax credit. If you plan to pull the trigger within the next couple of weeks, then let dealers know you will sign ASAP if the deal meets the above requirements I have proposed.

Good luck.

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Run away from 2019 Audis, the MF is jacked up beyond Porsche levels and the residuals are rock bottom you’ll need at least +20% off MSRP in dealer contribution to score something worth posting on here.

Finance if you’re dead set on a 2019 Audi otherwise wait for summer sales on 2020s.

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E trons are the exception, but their residual kills anything without a decent dealer discount.

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I know this isn’t apples to apples, but for comparison my S5 65K MSRP is $200 lower a month and was also 0 drive off. Don’t even entertain this deal.

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  • ask for tax credit
  • find a loner and ask for 18% off before allowance
  • add audi care (it improves RV and cost is residual’ed)
  • if you are tier + credit, ask for buy rate MF

If you fail to capture aforementioned item, you are leaving money on the table - No bueno … if you continue to struggle, step down and hire broker. There are couple of decent ones here from Texas ( my home state).

Audi loaners loose incentives. Ya gonna need more than 18%.

Tax is 6.25% no matter what the zip code is. Message me. I have a friend at Audi store. You should be $100 less.

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Thank you everyone for the advice! I ended up purchasing a Mercedes instead of leasing the A5 since they have better deals.