2019 540i loaner in TX


Hey Experts,

Getting close to a deal on a 540 loaner. Got the discount to ~17. I have a question regarding the MSD. Does anyone have a link to “terms and conditions”? Just trying to find out the scenarios I would lose the MSDs. Consensus seems to be totaling a car doesn’t forfeit the MSD. Just wanting something in writing hopefully. Thanks!

There is a long discussion of that question in this thread.

Thanks @anon98469396 Right I read that thread. But it was not consistent. Especially regarding the “if totaled”.

My personal opinion, and I’m not a lawyer, is that if BMW financial is made whole by the insurance company paying off the vehicle, there would be no reason for them not to return the MSD money. When I leased my last BMW, GAP insurance was included so totaling the vehicle wouldn’t have been an issue. I don’t know if GAP insurance is still included on all leases or not.

It is indeed included. And that certainly makes sense, but sales mgr isn’t sure at all (he didn’t know what MSD was until finance was looped in). off-topic: I love the “MSD don’t make financial sense, you should use it as cap cost reduction” lines from sales mgr. ::smirk:

Lol. Ya, that’s unfortunately pretty common. I hope you find a definitive answer.

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