2019 330i xdrive msport loaner

Wanted to know if this was a good deal
2019 330i m sport fully loaded loaner
2200 miles
55000 msrp
46000 price
2000 loyalty discount
MF .00142
Residual 61%
3600 taxes and fees
0 down
489 a month.

Payment alone isn’t going to tell anyone much. You need to provide more details on your deal.

Updated with info

That’s pretty expensive. You should be under 400 all day long.

You might want to double check the term or residual. The residual value for 36 months is 61% not including the mileage penalty and 67% for 24 months.

You are correct, sorry its 61 for 36 months. I was initially looking for 24 that’s why I put down 67. Corrected.