2019 330i windshield problem

I have had my 330i lease for almost 2 months now and there is something i noticed since day 1. Windshield is not clean. It appears there are some sand or something else grains that are embedded in the windshield. More like glass was not manufactured in a clean environment. No matter how much I clean they stay in there and seem to be in middle rater than on either side. They are more visible when sun is in face and there is 100s of these all over. Never has this feel with any other car.

Thinking about approaching dealer for it. Anyone else has this problem?

Could be overspray, sap, etc. Could appear embedded but I would try clay baring the windshield or just bring it into the dealer and they’ll prolly just have their detail guys fix it.

Tried cleaning with glass cleaners with and without ammonia both. Will try claybar.

Start in a top corner area, but use that with a good amount of soapy water.

You sure it’s not the heating element or micro pitting from sand, dust?

That is most likely

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You are eligible for a lease transfer …


Could be micro pitting. But I have never seen anything like this on any of my other cars ever. I don’t feel them with hand so they are really micro. I drive in city mostly so chances of this are less.

Do windshields have heating element?

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Not positive if the 3er does but it would absolutely not surprise me.