2019, 2020 Jeep Compass Base Model


Hey all, before i start negotiating with dealers I was wondering what I should expect for a 2019-2020 Jeep Compass, I’m looking for 36/10K 0DAS, as for the model I’m looking for the Jeep Compass sport model which is the base with a lower msrp. Willing to put down MSD and also would take a demo.

One deal i from a garden city dealer was horrible
MSRP - 29,491
SELLING - 26,157
36 M/10K
Residual 53%
MF - .00170
0$ DAS
339$ Month Payment
This is with conquest

What should I aim for ballpark numbers on a sport model Jeep Compass

I’d look at a Cherokee limited or trail hawk, won’t be much more and allot nicer vehicle. The limited’s usually leases the best.

Can you recommend a broker on here for nyc that I can negotiate with?


Thank you!

highly recommend @Swift just got my jeep grand Cherokee altitude from them!

Thank you @Jroze!