2018 (Yes 2018) Jeep JLU Lease questions

I am looking into leasing a 2018 Jeep JLU Rubicon, with the 4 cyl turbo. There are a couple of reasons for this. 1) The turbo is apparently not selling well, at least in Denver. Of 2018 Rubicons still on lots in the area, about 75% have the turbo. 2) From what I’ve seen on the Jeep forums, dealers are heavily discounting these. 3)There is a business aspect to the Jeep, so I’ll get one. (Not something more reliable.)

So, a few questions:

  1. Has anyone seen lower RV’s on the 4cyl turbo vs the V6? (Do financing companies even go to that level of detail?)
  2. Has anyone seen any differences in MF and RV for '18 vs '19? Is FCA subsidizing the '18’s to move them?
  3. I have a 800+ credit rating. Would CU’s offer a better overall deal in this situation?
  4. @RVguy, if the answer is yes to #3, could you point me to any CU’s in the Denver area that you work with? And thank you for all the info you have posted on this site.


  1. No, the level of granlaurity on Wrangler RVs is not to the engine level. Sport, Sport S, Sahara and Rubicon for both 2d and 4d are the lowest granularity for RVs.

  2. Yes, MYs always have different RVs and sometimes have different MFs.

If you leased a 18 and a 19 of the exact same build config today and sold them both at auction in 3 years both with 36k miles, the 19
Would sell for more because it is perceived as being newer.

3/4. Yes, go through Bellco to get the best MF.
I’ll look later for some dealers to try out.

Thanks for the info. I’ll get in touch with Bellco next week. Look forward to learning which Jeep dealers they work with.

Thanks again

No difference between 4 cylinder or v6. Other than your paying more for a 4 cylinder.

This is deal I got last month on a custom order v6 Rubicon.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 jeep wrangler unlimited Rubicon

MSRP: $ $51,735
Selling Price: $ $46,500
**Monthly Payment: $**499
**Cash Due at Signing: $**1,699

**Annual Mileage:**10k

Region: northeast
Leasehackr Score:

@Nypharm, thank you for the info.

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Sure np. If you need more info. PM my inbox.

Turbo might be preferable at high altitude.

@DaVikes what did you find out about Colorado Jeep dealers? One you’ve had better success with over others? Any deals made?

@Pende002 Sorry about the late reply. I haven’t learned anything yet. I did just search Jeep’s shopping tool, and there are still quite a few 2018 2.0 JLUR’s on lots in various cities. The first number is the quantity of 2.0 JLUR’s within 100 miles of the zip. The second number is the 3.6:

Salt Lake Zip 84044 5, 2

Dallas Zip 75001 9, 4

Houston Zip 77001 24, 6

Denver 80238 11, 9

Chicago 60007 10, 5

Los Angeles 90001 29, 13

San Diego 22434 20, 3