2018 XC90 T5 Momentum 36/12 $482+tax

I got my 2018 XC90 T5 Mom this Monday in SoCal. It’s my very first time leasing experience and my first post. Hope that I’m doing ok.

**MSRP: $51,990
**Selling Price: $42,922 [16% off MSRP+750]
**Monthly Payment: $482+tax
**Down Payment: $1188
**MSD: 10

**Months: 36
**Annual Mileage: 12k
**MF: .00125 (before MSD), .00075 (after 10 MSD)
**Residual: .55 (for 12k) or .56 (for 10k)

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Congrats, was it a service loaner? 16% off is impressive for XC90!

16% including incentives and most likely a-plan.

Nice lease!
Got about 16% as well when we leased our ‘18 xc 90 last year. Course Costco wasn’t in play at the time which stunk.
Enjoy in good health. Big Kudos on first lease IMO

Great deal. Where in socal? I am looking as well.

Could you please tell me where you get the deal? I’m also in SoCal. Looking to get it by tomorrow .

Numbers don’t match the calculator. Did you put $1188 as down payment or was it a true sign and drive deal? Also, how come RV in the calculator is 57%?

Was this an AWD or FWD variant?