2018 XC60 T8 lease quote

Hi folks. I’m considering a lease for the first time, and have been looking at the new hybrid XC60. I’m interested enough in the features of that particular model/trim that I’m OK with not getting an awesome deal, but since I’m not very familiar with evaluating lease terms, I just want to avoid getting totally screwed.

How does this quote look?

That looks awful, approaching Range Rover territory on that monthly

You need to ensure that is the buyrate MF, but looks like the dealer is pretty upfront and explains all the number clearly for you. It’s a standard deal at MSRP.

This is terrible value though. You can get so much more with $5k down and $840/month. If you NEED this vehicle, you should be able to do slightly better (at least get some discount off MSRP), but it won’t improve much.

$2,471 is down, the rest is fees, I think. No discount, bad MF - this “deal” sucks, but there must very few of T8s around yet.

24/36 15K
.00120 and 58% / 50%; $5802 lease incentives

Use 10 MSD to lower MF to 0.0007

Is it R (judging by MF) or Inscription, BTW? Inscription has lower MF.

Thanks for the comments, more or less in line with what I was expecting, so good to get some confirmation. I’m in absolutely no rush or need of a new vehicle immediately, so I am fine sitting tight for now and seeing what things look like early next year.

This was for the T8 R Design trim. Not in stock, so it would be an order with the final terms being based on the RV/MF/incentives available in Q1 18. Are MSD’s an option for Volvo leases?

Yes they are an option.

You can always back out if you don’t like lease terms on ordered car when it arrives. But you need to set the sale price now and it’s not good. Each MSD reduces MF by 0.00005 up to 10 or to the lowest possible MF.

Anyone look at this car lately? I am setting my sights on this before end of year.