2018 X3 Discounts?

I am working with a great dealer, he has given me a solid MF and good discounts off MSRP. But I’m trying to get my monthly payment down a little more to fit my target budget amount. I found an Autocross event in my area that I’ll be attending today, but have heard mixed info on whether they are still sending the OR code for $1k off towards a purchase. Im in the northeast. Does anyone know if BMW is still providing these after you participate in an event? Also, does anyone know of other ways to get an OR code or other discount? (Non military/veteran).

Just responded to someone else asking the same thing:
Check out this link: http://winatriptothefareast.eventsbmw.com/?token=ttpaidfb&kwp_0=746141&kwp_4=2621107&kwp_1=1111932

I found that on the BMW forums. Once I signed up I got a $1k off code via email. Haven’t pulled the trigger on a lease yet to prove it works, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t.

Hey thanks so much! I just entered for that drawing and got a certificate immediately. I gave it to my dealer rep tonight and he will check in the morning with BMW USA to confirm it’s good. Will post an update.


Sign up for a 3 year membership at $134, save $500 on new X3, no waiting.

I’ve been a member for years. I just got $500 off a new 2018 BMW motorcycle last month.

Hi Bruce, thanks! I just looked at the membership. So the dealer cant apply this to the cost right? It looks like a rebate check mailed to you once your submit purchase docs correct (still nice deal, but just confirming)

I believe that’s how they do it with cars. For the new bike I bought it was deducted right at the dealer. BMW Motorrad send them a credit.

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