2018 X2 Deal. Is it good?

Jump on this quick if you don’t mind a loaner! @GAngellBMW

This one doesn’t have packages I want.

Dealer got back to me and stated that MF is .00228

Incentive or rebate breakdown - $3,250 to lease and $1,000 conquest = $4,250 total

time for another dealer. Not a great discount AND significantly marked up MF.
Others here saying you have the wrong residual. Any update on that?

With a little reverse engineering, my guess is they have also marked up the acq fee and tacked on a big doc fee. Around $1600 total. Again, though, I’m guessing on some other things like your tax and DMV. But with $1600 and using 58% RV and .00228 MF, I come up with $413 and $5k up front.

If you want to give this dealer a shot for whatever reason, counter with 15% discount BEFORE the $4250 incentive and base MF of .00188. Pay $3k up front in the form of 6 MSDs and ONLY first month at signing. I believe this will put you right at about $450 even with their marked up fees.

BMW doesn’t allow marked up acq fees and the max doc fee in CA is $85.

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ah. good to know. I could be off on tax. Still guessing since I didn’t get an answer to that question.

OR, lower fees that you mentioned, tax is correct at 9%, but RV is 57%? That gets me to those numbers, as well.

Contact Vlad /Bob (sales team) in Eastbay BMW…you will be surprised with X2 offers

new or loaner?
For reference I got a similar vehicle, I think our only difference is I don’t have the harmon kardon. Mine is 47k MSRP, xDrive 28i, premium, convenience, pdc. 1.7k DAS (400 went to broker), 436/month (including 9.5% tax). It was originally 1.8k, but I was refunded money by the dealer due to incorrect registration calculation (which I knew was incorrect during inception, but didn’t care and let them figure it out).

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The whole program is right here, go find a loaner

Do you know the selling price/incentives on your lease?

I got it delivered in Jan, but incentives were for December. 36/12k. I don’t remember the exact incentives I qualified for, but I know it was lease cash + loyalty and I had a higher residual before they lowered it. (somewhere like 4250 for xDrive lease cash and 1000 for loyalty?). Selling price was 41.1k. I believe it was around 12-13% off.