2018 WRX Base or Limited MF / RV%

Hello guys!

First time posting on here.

I’m looking to lease either a 2018 WRX base or the limited. The price difference has me on the fence for the limited given that the only feature I want from that package is the push start.

I’m thinking of waiting for Memorial weekend to come along and take advantage of any incentives that might make the limited more attractive.

Ultimately, looking to see if anyone has any info as far as MF and RV% for these two trims so I can start running the numbers and see where I stand.

Thanks you all,

Edmunds usually has the MF/RVs, you can search the threads on that website and then ask for the numbers for your specific lease terms (miles/months) and they’ll be able to give you the most updated information that they have!

Thank you so much, I will look into it