2018 VW Tiguan SEL Premium R-Line FWD Texas

Wanted to run this by everyone for thoughts. New to the leasing. Here is what was proposed by dealer

8.25 Tax
78041 Zip

39290 MSRP
1495 Extra Options
Claiming maximum incentives

3000 Down
36/15 Term
485 / Monthly
22004.40 Residual

Run as fast as you can.

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explain to me whats going on if ya dont mind

Your goal is to get your monthly payment to approximately 1% of the MSRP without putting any money down except in some cases first payment and TTL. So $485 a month with $3k down is horrible, especially when the Tiguan S is going for around $195 a month. The R-Line doesn’t lease as well as the S trim unfortunately.


have one dealer fluffing the add ons but talking about them eating the taxes. What is the taxable amount on a lease?

Probably best to use a broker or do more research on this site and learn the ins and outs of leasing so you don’t get a bad deal…

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Shop another dealer then get a real assessment, 0 down $380 a month is what your target number should be. Even use dealers north f you in Austin/Georgetown.