2018 VW GTI S 6 spd, FOR SALE $11,900

2018 VW GTI S 6 SPD
Location: NJ

MSRP: 31kish
Selling for : $11,900

Current mileage: 127,500

Made this post in a VW forum too. I know this isn’t the typical leasehackr kind of transfer but figured someone maybe interested or knows someone interested. My 2018 GTI is up for sale. I took the title over from a family member a few months ago. Car was used for almost all highway commuting but doesn’t really fit what I need anymore. I did the oil change at the dealer about 2000 miles ago and then did the spark plugs, filters, and brakes/rotors all around at home within 1500 miles ago. All of the previous maintenance had been done at the dealer. Nothing is specifically wrong with the car, no CEL or anything like that. It will need tires within the next 10,000 miles or so. It is in overall really good shape but it does have its scratches and little imperfections that have been accumulated over 127k miles. There is no comparable cars to price match it to so I am guessing on price. I have the title in hand and I am not financing or anything like that, would have to be done at a bank and I would sign the title over.


You try selling it off to Carmax?

I did a quick quote on a similar car with that mileage and they came back with $10,500 and they’ll cut you a check on the spot.

Much easier than listing and negotiating with people, not to mention if there are any issues they’re going to want you to make them whole.

If you’re in northern NJ, there is one in Wayne…

Maybe I’ll take a drive there this week. That sounds like a good idea.

Be prepared to be lowballed. Anything that doesn’t “belong” (due to age and/or mileage) on their lot gets sent to auction.

They’ll probably offer wholesale less shipping less auction fees less a haircut for cushioning losses.

I recommend better pictures and listing this across every single VW/Audi, BMW and Mercedes forum. Somebody on there or their friend will buy it.

Got it. Thank you. Any harm is posting on cars.com. I’ve never personally sold a car so I’m blissfully unaware

No harm in posting everywhere that is free, but paid sites might be a waste of time/money for now.

Craiglist, vwvortex.com, golfmk7.com, Facebook Marketplace, all Facebook MK7 groups, etc.

Although reddit can be a cesspool, you might have good exposure here:

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