2018 VW GTI Autobahn lease

Hey thanks for the great forum. Can someone review this offer to me? Money factor seems high to me.
2018 VW GTI Autobahn.

The information for lease quote of $530 month for 36 months, 10,000 miles per year

Long Island NY tax rate 8.625%

MSRP: $37,440
Dealer Price: $36,053
Out of Pocket Payment: 3,439 + DMV
Money Factor: .00220
Residual: .58

This dealer does not charge a dealer preparation fee. The only fees we charge are $75 for documentation; $48 for gasoline (full tank); $12.50 for NYS Tire; $10 for NYS Inspection, plus DMV fees.

Run a far as you can away from that lease and that dealership for that matter. Effective lease of $626! Plus DMV costs. Those cars generally do not lease well. You are much better off buying.


It sounded fishy to me.

The golf r is typically a similar deal as the top trim gti. It’s also on a whole different level from a performance perspective and has awd. If you are dead set on a golf family car seek out the r.

Or go for the SE, which should be 350ish

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GTI/R’s always have a horrible MF. I would like to get into one but that’s a terribly MF for tier A. While not the same car, different engine, etc check out the GLI for a better deal, MF was much lower when I got my 17 last year and they’re pretty discounted right now.