2018 vs 2019 Deals

Hi Everyone!

I’m currently in the marketing for a 3rd row SUV under $400 a month. I’ve had my eye on the QX60 for a few months now but I just saw that the 2019s are coming out pretty soon (October-ish). Are better deals to be had waiting until September or wait till the 2019s hit? What say you?

the main issue is that you’re running the risk of inventory drying up the longer your wait if you want a 2018

Makes sense! I think I’ll be ready to pull the trigger in September/End of August. I’m only slightly disappointed that Infiniti hasn’t really updated their design in years. Means I’m not missing much year over year.

what about highlander?

There are virtually no 2018s. The dealers with them are charging crazy money, making them similarly priced to the 2019s

:frowning: that’s not the news I wanted to hear!! Hopefully I can find one…

FL still has em :yum: but typical dealer attitude down here sucks…

Hope you can do this out there. I didn’t think I could in CA but it seems there are unicorns every now and then.

There’s a dealer in Missouri with 30+ 2018’s on their lot. There’s plenty out there, you just have to find them…

That is fair, but some dealers hoard them. The ones that are giving discounts don’t have them.

For example, Infiniti of Allentown PA, has a ton of them. I beat them down for an hour, they gave me 200 dollars below invoice. TWO HUNDRED.


Yeah, this is true. The dealer in Missouri is unwilling to trade with my local dealer for a vehicle as they have 3 of them optioned as I want. But my dealer can’t get one…

That’s why they don’t have them :+1:

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Ugh!! Well if you can find one for me, premium plus I’m game!!!

What’s the point in hording, rather than steeply discounting to get rid of them?

So they can sell them at higher profits when no one else has them