2018 vs 2019 BMW Pricing

I have two BMW 440i both $70,000 MSRP I’m trying to lease. One is a 2018 and one is 2019. What should the difference in a 3 year lease be as a % of MSRP? Assume 10,000/year. Or if easier, how much more of a discount should the dealer be able to give on a 2018 vs a 2019 BMW? I’m trying to gauge which deal I’m getting is better since the cars are practically the same MSRP and body. Thanks.

2018 should offer higher discounts on MSRP, but other things factor in as well like if the residual is the same or different.

I’ve been told the incentives and residuals are the same. How much of a higher discount should I expect? $ or % wise? Any idea guys?

My understanding was that the 18 has a $3K lease incentive and the 19 has $1.5K, can anyone else verify that?

I actually just head the same thing. Thanks.

You should be able to find this out on BMWUSA for your region. Select the “offers + finance” tab at the top of the page, enter your zip and voila. Both 18s and 19s incentive info should then be displayed.

Got it. This is super helpful. Should I expect any further discount for a 2018 aside from the incentive difference?

In what regard? You should expect a discount of between 8-12% off a new car before incentives, although not all will go that deep. You’ll need to find one that is chasing a goal…easier said than done, I understand.

You may be able to find a link for an OL code on the forum somewhere. That should get you an extra 1k off. Note, if your deal is rock bottom, it may only get you 500. Half of the 1k comes from BMW + half comes from the dealer coffers. Don’t mention this code until you’ve negotiated everything you can off the car (if you can find one).

Can someone help me with this OL code? This is new to me but would like to take advantage. How does this work? Thanks.

You go to a drive event, and they give you a code when you register your email. From my understanding there is a limited number of them, not everyone got them a month ago in So Cal.

Got it. Thanks. Don’t know if they are transferable but if anyone has a code for a BMW (440i Convertible) I’d really appreciate it if you sent to me. I’m leasing today. Thanks.