2018 Volvo XC90 T6

How is this quote? and need help/tips on negotiate…please!~

@cathy0029 - Looks like you’re on a T6 Momentum with 7,500 miles/yr, right? I think you’re looking at this right now. I added the $80 doc fee to the selling price (the $1,075 shown is probably the $995 acq fee + the doc fee), added the $9 tire fee and $30 DMV elec filing fee to the license fees > $641) and it syncs. The calculator shows 10,000 miles, but that doesn’t affect the payment.


  • shoot for a selling price of $51,667 (this is not very harsh, but it’s reasonable)
  • don’t put any down (cap cost reduction)
  • leave the acq fee alone at $995 (they’re giving you the buy rate)
  • tell them you want the first payment waiver > rebate back the $712 payment for a drive-off of $625 (est) for license fees, elec filing fee, and tire fee. It would look like this per the calculator:

If you have the cash on hand, do 10 refundable multiple security deposits to lower the rate to 0.00115. The payment would drop to an evil $666 and your drive-off would increase by $7,000 to $7,625.

The MSDs decrease your payment by $46/mo. Times 12 divided by $7,000 equals about an 8% annual rate of return, tax free…

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@KD6-3.7 wow how did you know it’s 7500 mile? Yes, it is!

We got another offer:

a New 2019 Volvo XC90 T6 AWD Momentum, 21’’ Wheels for 39 Months 10k/yr $0 Down & Payments of $639 + tax. O.A.C. This particular vehicle has an MSRP of $58,440 OR Purchase for $51,495 + Fees

How should we move forward and ask for further discount?

Thank you!!!

The problem with this lease is the MF only has two zeroes in front of it, makes it tough to get a good deal. Doubt you’ll get a 1% deal

@joeblogs what do you mean by two zeroes only?
to get 1% deal, the monthly payment = $584?

He is just that good. Or he just saw the RV :grin:

He means that the MF (the interest) that you will pay is very high, which makes any deal much worse. And don’t target that artificial 1%, target the best deal at this point of time.

@Ursus thank you for your explanation…!

As long as the acquisition fee is capitalized and the only thing in the drive-off is the registration, elec filing fee, and tire fees (1st payment zero’d out with a rebate), it’s a good deal. I don’t see all the details in your description of the deal, but it’s probably something like this (I’m assuming the selling price is $1,750 higher due to the loss of that same amount of purchase incentive):

I don’t really see any room for the dealer to go lower. With 10 MSDs, you rate should go to 0.00105 and the payment to about $640 including tax.

expert! @KD6-3.7
Appreciate your help and advice!!

Welcome! Just make sure there’s nothing more than license fees, maybe elec filing fee, $80 doc fee, and $8.75 tire fee in the amount due at signing. The payment should drop about $15/mo if you go with 7,500 miles, BTW.

sales are not quite responsive…what should we do to make them reply my phone call/email…?

Call and ask for the sales manager. See if you can finalize the deal over the phone or email with him. Tell him you’d rather deal with them then Culver City.

it’s a pity that they cannot tell I am a serious customer and we want to lease asap.

@KD6-3.7 @Ursus @joeblogs
Smart people, please help advise, here is the updated quote:

2019 XC90 T6 AWD Black/Black
21’’ Wheels

39 Months 7500k/yr
$1370.43 Drive Off
$644 + tax=$705

39 Months 7500k/yr
$4834.53 Drive Off (Includes 5msds $3500)
$611 + tax=$680

How is it???

There’s lots of pieces of the puzzle missing- like selling price and money factor.

5 MSDs is good- 10 MSDs is better, unless you don’t want to put as much money into the lease.

Are they rebating back the 1st payment? Doesn’t look like it.

Seems like allot of money for only 7500k a year, if that’s all you need I understand, but you could choke a horse on that payment(ie it’s allot)