2018 Volvo S90 T5 AWD Momentum Lease Quote

I have this offer on the table.

Total MSRP $58,095
Total Invoice Amount $54,782
Invoice Components:
S90 AWD: $47,282
19" wheels: $752
Momentum Plus Package: $940
Convenience Package: $2,397
Heated seats: $705
Metallic Paint: $560
Protection Package Premier: $343
Red Key: $180
Trunk Spoiler: $418
Supplemental adversitising: $200
Charity Donation: $10
Subtotal $53,787
Destination Delivery: $995
Total $54,782

Lease Bonus - $4,000
Volvo Allowance - $2,000
A plan - $3,000

Sale Price $45,782

36 Months/15k
$597.92 per month
First Month and 88 in fees to drive off
MF- 0.00093
Residual $29,628

Any thoughts from the experts would be appreciated!
Thank You Hackers!

Should get 6% off MSRP (invoice) + the ‘discounts’ so closer to $43k. I’d get rid of the protection package (unless you really really want it). The advertising fee of $200 seems bogus.

You don’t want a 58k T5. 24 months is better.

The 24 month was $699.81 with the residual of $33,114.15

I think the problem is you are getting an overpriced car so your payment will be higher than what you see people post here.

For reference I got a 2018 S90 T6 Inscription MSRP $69140 for $54K (dealer discount+ A-Plan + incentives) 12K/24months for $560/month with only taxes and first payment up front.

Any suggestions on how to get a lower price? I know it is negotiation. The sales manager seems to think that this number is really awesome. Unfortunately, true car doesnt have data for my area. Thanks in advance.

Go to a different dealer.

Volvo dropped their residuals on the S90 a decent amount today, so the deals just got a lot worse.

Sales managers have to make u think that its a great number cause its their job. Its the first of the month. Just wait a few days. You will see a better picture of discounts and other data.

Protection package is not removable. They are rubber mats included on window sticker.