2018 Volvo S60 Inscription Platinum $0 DAS, $429 Monthly With Tax

Hello, I am new to leasing. Could any of you please let me know if this is a good lease?

Volvo S60 Inscription Platinum
MSRP $46,415.00
$0 due at signing, first payment is waived
Monthly is $429 with Indiana Sales Tax included.

I am still waiting to receive the full breakdown…

It looks pretty good, but we’ll need more info:

  • what city are you in?
  • what is the selling price, MF, RV, acquistion fee, license/doc/dealer fees, number of months, miles/year?
  • is tax just charged monthly in IN?
  • brand new car or demo/loaner? Miles on it?

I get $428/mo by guessing 36/12, 10% off MSRP + $7,000 Volvo allowances w/tax and $995 acquisition fee included. So technically the numbers may be right, and this is a very nice and well optioned car. But you are paying $400+ for an old, outgoing model. I’d see how desperate the dealer is and push for bigger discount (that is if my assumption of 10% is in the ballpark).

Here is the “full breakdown” that they provided-

Total Pricing Breakdown
MSRP: $ 46,415
Paint Protection: $ 399
Kelley Automotive Discount: $ 4,000
Volvo Total Discounts: $ 6,700
Acquisition Fee: $ 595
Net Capitalized Cost: $ 36,709

Term / Months 24 Months 36 Months 39 Months
Monthly Lease Payments $653 $476 $517

Money Factor 0.00064 0.00064 0.00064

Apparently they made a typing “error” first time around and they actually meant to say $499.00 with 0 down at signing. However they discounted a little more so now its at $476 monthly.

I’m in Elkhart, Indiana, full breakdown below.

Tax is charged monthly and it is a brand new car.

MF is marked up, the buy rate is .00022. Kill that $399 paint protection. What’s the mileage? 12K/year? Volvo Acquisition fee is $695, so not sure if $595 is their “typo” also.

What’s your tax rate? How many miles/year is this? Is the paint protection already on the car? It’s not needed- don’t have it put on.

$4,000 off is decent, try for $500-1,000 more. Pay $695 for the acq fee, go for 0.00022 on the money factor. Go for $442/mo at their price not including paint protection down to $411/mo if they also knock off another $1,000 (don’t hold your breath).

Put in 4 MSDs for the $442 payment to drop to $429 or for the $411 payment to drop to $399.

Even if it’s already on there I’m sure it’s probably just dealer speak for a coat of wax that cost them pennies, if there’s anything really on it at all. At that price I highly doubt that it’s any kind of real protective film that people pay thousands for on high end luxury and sports cars.

Car-speak for it is “mop & glo”

Well, like Ursus said, this car is nice but pretty outdated and I was already hesitant at $429 monthly.

I think I’ll go with a Jaguar instead, i hear those are leasing pretty well.

On a fully loaded AWD, right?

That’s correct! I made another post about it


I looked at the Jaguar post.

Looks like the Volvo has the Tech pkg w/adaptive cruise over the Jag, but maybe not much else. A $56K Jag for $35k is a very impressive discount. What’s the breakdown of the $1,119 due at signing for the Jag? What’s the payment on the Jag with comparable miles?

The S60 came out first as a 2011 model. How about the XF?

OP should wait for the 2019 S60 and tell us all how badly it leases plz :wink:

(I want that goddamn mini-S90 so bad, but i gotta wait and wait and wait and wait to get anything even approaching a ‘deal’ on it)

Yeah, the XF was redesigned in 2016 so the infotainment is definitely superior to the Volvo. I’m not sure what the $1,119 is for. I will definitely, though I assume that it may be tax on the rebate?

now the only thing stopping me is the $100 increase in insurance :frowning:

You may get your wish. Volvo is cutting S60 production for export and focusing on US sales as a result of the trade wars. The deals should be coming …

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