2018 Toyota Tacoma TRD off road

Hi guys! I’m new here and new to leasing. I just got this price quote and need to know if it’s a good deal. Any help would be appreciated!

Well the sales manager signed it, so that’s the best deal. Oh wait, no it’s not. Looks pretty terrible to me, seen lots of deals posted on here in the $200’s. Might have to find a dealer with US bank numbers. Also, don’t go to the dealership, do this stuff online or over the phone, I can’t imagine how much time you wasted playing the game with these clowns. Just noticed the trade, why are you trading a tacoma for another one that’s basically the same. I thought people bought these because they last forever. Go lease a domestic full size for the same money(or less) otherwise keep what you have.

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You should be able to get 10-12% off msrp.

I appreciate your concern for my time. I needed to drive the truck that’s why I went in. Took 45 mins and I was out the door. It’s a new body style and has plenty more features than my bare bones 14. Thanks for the feedback!

I thought so too. I was thinking about 10% would be a good price. These are what they came back with after their first bogus attempt at getting as much as possible.

The 2019 should have a higher residual. My Toyota guy actually is leasing most 2019 trims cheaper than 18. Especially the sport. Also the 2018 should have an extra $500 incentive over the 10-12% off.

Come to Philly. I can get you in a 2019 long bed for 320/mo, short bed for 330, or manual trans for 270! All 2019s! Tax and tags included…

42 k is pricey for a TRD off road unless it has leather, sun roof etc etc. 38k is the usual MSRP

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Yeah that would be $900 more on my quotes. So add $25 for that msrp. It must be loaded. The pro is 44k

Still can’t get a power seat right?

Yeah it’s fully loaded.

Haha I don’t think so! Not on 2019s either