2018 Toyota Rav 4 Blowout! XLE AWD, $254/month + Tax w/Only First Payment Due at Signing! MSRP $30,948! UPDATED WITH 2019 RAV 4 AS WELL! $340/Month + Tax

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Now adding 2019 Toyota Rav 4 XLE
MSRP 32,615
36 Months/12K
Only first payment due at signing:
$345/Month Plus Tax

Still have 10-15 2018 Rav 4s left and ready for immediate delivery…NEW ENGLAND ONLY



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Sorry to NY and NY—-Really hard for MA to work in those states due to lack of temp tags

We have > 40 18 Ravs at these prices!!

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 Rav 4 XLE AWD
MSRP: $ $30,948
Monthly Payment: $ $254 + Tax
Drive-Off Amount: $ First payment only
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12
MF: .00001 for Tier 1 Plus and .00011 for Tier 1
Residual: 54%
Available Incentives:
Leasehackr Score: > 9.6 as I can’t get calc exact
Saved Numbers on Leasehackr Calculator:

leasehackr.com/calculator?make=Toyota&msrp=30948&sales_price=25048&months=36&mf=-8.999&dp=0&doc_fee=495&acq_fee=650&taxed_inc=0&untaxed_inc=0&rebate=0&resP=53&reg_fee=150&sales_tax=6.25&memo=I cant get the calc to work exactly with only first due at signing&monthlyTax_radio=true&miles=12000&msd=0

(Add $15/month for 15K miles)
Also have LE Trim for $20 less/month


That’s a good deal comes with blind side monitoring

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Thanks. I agree. I’m liking these Rav 4 deals right now.

I’d like a deal on a 2019! They did a nice job with the redesign

They sure did, which means it is time to capitalize on hacking an 18! :wink:

Damn no ny

I feel you man. You’ve been looking for anything and everything, huh? I’m surprised you still haven’t found anything in NY!

NY can be done, but it’ll require 2 trips w 2 weeks in between to register. Up to you if you want to take that on.

Na i have already lease an accord touring with drtodd 305/mo great deal

Awesome. Happy you found something!

Thanks lol

Btw can you calculate the cost for NY zip code 11001 tax rate 8.625 … LE AWD

Just add that to the base payment I listed

Right around 257

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Oh ok thanks

Can this be done in NJ?

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Any Adventures?

Hi There! @alicialee05

One left in white. Please PM me if you’re in New England.


same question for NJ

Re NJ-

It’s really inconvenient for all involved when MA tries to work w NJ or NY.

Unfortunately, MA doesn’t do temp tags, and therefore, it requires 2 visits, with about 2 weeks in between. Dealers don’t love it and customers are never happy.

Does this work in Texas? No problem with paying the taxes, just wondering about the deal otherwise. thanks!

Any deals on Tacoma trd pro?