2018 Toyota Highlander SE AWD - $344/Month+tax, $1875 of $3375 MSDs DAS, 36/15K - Lease Takeover or Purchase

We leased this 2018 Toyota Highlander SE AWD in December of 2017. There are 29 payments remaining. It is in PERFECT condition. We did put down MSD’s on the car of $3,375. We are willing to eat $1,500 of that. Meaning the new leaseholder would owe $1,875 at time of transfer but will receive $3,375 back at the end of lease.

We have been told by many dealers that you cannot replicate this deal. Current Mileage is 6,100, we are under mileage at this point (15,000 Annually)

2018 Toyota Highlander SE AWD
MSRP: $42,940
Monthly Payment: $344 (NO TAX INCLUDED - Actual is $374 with MO Tax)
Drive-Off Amount: $1,875 (Buyer will receive $3,375 back at end of lease)
Months: 29
Annual Mileage: 15,000 Miles

Location: Kansas City, MO

Purchase Price: $35,900

With $1,500 incentive off MSDs, this brings the effective monthly payment down to $293 before tax.

Let me know of any questions! Can e-mail MANY more pictures.


Great deal! IMHO you could probably find someone to transfer it to without eating any of the MSDs

Thanks! As much as we hate to eat the $1,500… We are in a race against the clock with the truck we are buying so we figured maybe it would help spend up either a sale or transfer.

Also going to take it to Toyota today for a buy bid, but this lease can’t be replicated even with MSD’s so we are hoping someone other than a dealer can take advantage of a good deal.

@305Hackr now thats a deal right there!

Thanks @mani_is_kool.
@Jmbeebe0722, what color is that car? Is it silver or white? Hard to see from photos.
Also does it have captains chairs in back row or bench?

It is Blizzard Pearl White. The 3rd Row is a bench (Highlanders don’t have option of 3rd Row captains chairs) but 2nd row is captain chairs.

Good deal on a SE highlander. I wish it had 2nd row bench ugh!

He may have meant the 2nd row, if it’s bench or captain chairs. I believe SE is captain chairs?

my friend is looking for one but he’s particular about having the bench. It’s a real bummer.

Such a nice color combo. I hope you find the right person because this is a spectacular deal.

The SE does not have the option on a bench seat I don’t believe. Only model with leather is the XLE I am pretty sure.


I have 7-8 people private message me so far so hopefully it will move pretty quick.

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Beware that toyota transfers take forever and are unpredictable

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Hey I’ve sent you several messages, did you check? @nyclife

That’s a great deal. I’ve got the same truck in the XLE (with third row seats), can’t go wrong.

Can you transfer this deal to Texas? do i have to pay the Sell taxes if its register here? i’m interested if its still available?

Hello -

Were you able to get it transferred? I have the same vehicle (same color) and looking forward to swap. I would appreciate if you could give me some tips with the transfer process.