2018 Toyota CH-R Lease

Hello all. I am in the Northern Va. area looking to lease a 2018 CH-R. Can you please help with the dealer numbers below. 36 mo/12k.

2018 CH-R XLE in Red
MSRP price …$ 24,168 cos it has all weather mats / mudguards plus special color red
Sale price is… $ 20,450
Finance rebate only $ 1500 NO REBATES IN LEASE .

Net sale price is …$ 18,950

So …Sale price for leasing will be $ 20,450 because the rebate works only on financing .
Processing fee …$ 699
Acquisition fee… $ 650 lease charge from manufacture
VA Taxes …$ 918.60
VA tag fee… $ 69.75

Total sale price plus fees $ 1,638.5 + 20,450 = 22,088.5
Many factor is $ 0.00051
residual value $ 13,359

So the Lease special you have to put $ 2,700 + taxes and fees $ 1,638.5 = 209 per month .

With putting only the first monthly payment due at signing , I can do for you = $ 285 per month .

One ugly ass car, sorry. Was driving behind one today and have no idea what Toyota was trying to do there. Uglier Juke lookalike?

yeah, not the most attractive car on the road, but the wife likes it so…

Try to make a deal in MD to save $400 on dealer fee.

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That’s way too much for what that car is. For the same price I’d rather have the Tiguan S or Terrain SLT.

Convince the wife otherwise.