2018 Toyota Avalon Plus

Can someone help me with a good lease price for a 2018 Avalon Plus. Price is $29k msrp $37k and I’d want 15k miles for 36 month lease. I’m in Indiana if that helps. Appreciate any help.

ballpark numbers (check edmunds for exact numbers)
.00152 MF and 50% residual
You’ll need a big discount to offset the high money factor and low residual
no lease cash

excluding tax and doc and dmv:

Toyota doesn’t sell many of these cars so the lease numbers are probably not going to be that favorable but looks like you got a good number off MSRP. So possibly could be a deal for you there. Just as some due diligence you might want to do yourself a favor and check out the Lexus ES, it might have a higher MSRP but could have much stronger lease numbers. Although I think the avalon is slightly larger but not by much.