2018 Tacoma Dbl Cab 4x4 quote

Got this quote in MO on a 2018 Tacoma 4x4 Double Cab 4x4 AT with tech package.

After discount:
Money factor:
$27,257 for 12k
$426/month including tax of about $25/month

This is first offer by this dealer. In comparison to other deals I’ve seen here, I think I can do better. What do you think?

Hard to get a good deal with that MF. I’m guessing it’s through TFS? Try finding a dealer that works with 3rd party banks.

I had gotten a similar quote in Florida. The guy said he had no lease incentives for them.

That being said there were a few guys on the forum who got good deals on the 4x2 SR5 V6 this month.

The best offer I’ve seen locally for a 37k tacoma is about $350/mo + tax. The residual on these is crazy high which helps.

Use a credit union instead of Toyota Finance, two months ago I was able to negotiate $260 (including tax and $0 due at signing for 39/10) lease on a $37k TRD Offroad MT through Bellco credit union. This is what a dealer currently advertises in my area without even negotiating:


Check mf. It is 0.023. Use msd. Ask for larger discount

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Asked for Costco discount and was provided with updated numbers:

Cap cost: 34886
Residual: 27257 (36mos) and 29870 (24 mos)
Monthly: $370 36/12) and $487 (24/12) including tax.

Not sure if this is with TFS or another bank. Think I can get a better deal on a Colorado/Canyon?


You can get an F150 for less than that, like $100 less a month. Plus that Tacoma is ancient, just a minor redesign. Correct me if I’m wrong but the taco doesn’t even have car play or android auto

Taco had a full redesign in 2016, Tundra is the ancient one. No CarPlay or Android Auto in any of them…

Full redesign is a bit of a stretch, more like allot of upgrades, at least from what I read.

Use msd and you save another 30-40

Another quote I received, this one is a manual trans and US Bank

MSRP: $36,927
Sale Price: $33,646
Gross Cap Cost: $34,521($695 acquisition fee and $180 fee)
Net Cap Cost: Same before Gross^^
Residuals: @24mo–$29,172.33 / @36mo–$28,064.52
MF: @24mo–.00175 /@36–.00180

Payment@24mo/12k: $317
Payment@36mo/12k: $363

Still works pretty well without it though. Plug in USB and play whatever and it shows up on the screen. The built in NAV is pretty good and shows traffic. Has a touchscreen so much better than the Lexus info system IMO.

What’s your MPG like? I love the truck but I was barely able to eek out 16.5 MPG on the HIGHWAY!

Also were you already a Bellco customer or did you sign up specifically to get the Tacoma?

I’ve received quotes on F-150 XLT Supercrew 4x4 with MSRP about $50k at a few local dealerships and most all of them $450/mo minimum.

I negotiated the deal for my brother, who ended up choosing the 4Runner over the Tacoma…