2018 Subaru WRX Limited Lease in Texas

Looking at this deal and wanted some feedback…NEW 2018 Subaru WRX Limited CVT w/EyeSight.

36 months / 10K miles

MSRP: $37,761
Invoice: $35,118
Sales Price: $34,618
6.25% Sales Tax (Texas)

MF: .00050
Residual: 54%

$449 a Month / First Month Payment Due at Signing


Looks like an OK discount for a WRX. What kills it is (1) the high MSRP, (2) not great residuals on the WRX Limited,and (3) paying sales tax on the full price of the car.

For that kind of money, have you considered an STI which would likely have a MUCH stronger residual?

Thanks for the feedback! I hadn’t considered the STI as it’s Manual Transmission only and I prefer Auto. Also, the STI is Golf R money but apparently the Golf R doesn’t lease well either.

I would have to strongly advise against the WRX with the CVT; just my $.02.

And yes, the Golf R leases horribly (super high MF, mediocre residuals, little to no dealer discounts).

I went from 2012 WRX manual to 2016 WRX Limited CVT and I don’t regret at all. No doubt manual is lot more fun and a must if you are into heavy mods. I am using CVT as my daily driver in Bay Area traffic and it is very convenient and at the same time very sporty.

I bought because lease numbers didn’t make sense. So far I clocked 80K miles with no issues and it gives a whole lot better MPG than stated. I get close to 32 MPG on freeway cruising at 80MPH. Overall with 40% city driving I am averaging at 24.9MPG actual and 26.2 on computer.

I would suggest to drive in “S” mode or “S#” mode only because “I” mode sucks.