2018 Subaru STI


I am considering a lease of a 2018 WRX STi. Is this good? It’s almost at the 1% rule.

MSRP: $40,300
CAP COST: $36,672

36 Months

10k Miles a year

$412 monthly payment

Drive off: $1055 which consists of 1st month payment and registration.

Money Factor: .00095 or 2.28% apr equivalent

Residual: 62%

Buyout at end of lease is 24k

Total Lease cost is $15,168

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Such a great residual for a sedan. Perhaps I should look into Suburus.

what is the selling price op?

MSRP: $40,299
CAP Cost:$36,660

The sti is one of those cars I’d say you’ll be better off buying than leasing. It’s stupid how much value they retain.

My buddy who has a 2014 with a replaced motor and 60k miles on it is being offered $25k for his.

@MConte05 I don’t plan to keep it. I want to eventually get into an an 17-18 M3 with the comp pack or see if the supra ever comes out.

So consider that a 3 year old sti with 30k miles might get offered like $28-30k trade in vs the $16k you’ll put into the lease. That’s what I mean by buy vs lease on high resale value cars like the sti

True, but Ill be more upside down if I buy and my cost to own it those 3 years would be higher. I maybe wrong

You would want to put a downpayment down, yes. If you put down $5-8k and financed for 5 years at a super low rate (far lower than the interest rate on the lease) then you’d be more likely to have positive equity. You may end up only losing like $8-9k over the three years vs $15-16 leasing. Then can set yourself up to lose $30k in three years with the M3. :stuck_out_tongue:

Even with 0 down he will have nice equity on STi after 3 years. Payments will be higher, of course, but not by much on 63 months at low rate, like you said.

Does it come in wagon format for 2018? Never mind, I guess not

I just see Seramonte Subaru (Nor Cal) is advertising $3300 of MRSP on their website for 2018 STi. Maybe a bit more is possible upon negotiation. Hope Nor Cal protential buyer can take advantage of this as well. It is such as good car

can you PM me this dealer? this is a great deal.

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