2018 subaru outback limited 2.5i "50th Anniversary Edition" lease quote 1/2/18

I got this lease quote yesterday from a snotty sales lady …when I was trying to get a $315 0 down Price match -( Price match was on a dealer demo that was a V6 limited with all the options and remote start … someone immediately put a deposit on the vehicle so I couldn’t get it )

What model? What is “heritage edition”? Only Outbacks have 3.6 L 6-cylinder.

outback… I don’t think my picture loaded of the lease quote

“50th Anniversary Edition” don’t officially come out until February.

More details on the limited-edition models will be made available at the debut at the Chicago International Auto Show in February 2018.

Good luck with getting a good lease on them…

The Subaru source revealed the number of each 50th anniversary edition was leaked on an internal company communication and each model (except WRX/STI and BRZ) in the lineup will be limited to 1050 examples. 2018 Subaru WRX, WRX STI and BRZ sport coupe will get 1050 total examples for the performance line. WRX will get 600 Limited trims, WRX STI Limited will see only 200 examples produced and BRZ will get 250 Limited models in the special 50th anniversary trim.

There will be 800 2.5i Outback Limited trims, and 250 Outback 3.6R Limited trims produced. Forester will get 800 2.5i Touring trims and 250 Forester 2.0XT models. Crosstrek will get 1,050 Limited trims, Impreza gets 500 2.0i Limited sedans, and 550 2.0i Limited 5-Door hatch models. Legacy gets 800 2.5i Limited and 250 3.6R Limited trims.

nope in stock -They come with a remote start and the rest is just the paint color and badging and everything else the limited model has

1 at each dealer, ready for Feb launch. Outbacks are built in Indiana, so they are here already.

It doesn’t help that my credit score went down to 636 somehow when it was 790 last month! I don’t know how much money that changes the lease 415 zero down is what I got with that quote…Got a few emails from other dealers apparently it’s outback month the deals are going to be good and you can lease a manual Impreza for 150 to 170 zero down sign n drive …

oop sorry the color is Heritage blue-it is the 50th addition

Forget about 50th addition and just get the best deal you can.
Is it 2.5i or 3.6 that you are trying to get?
Fixed title for you.

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2.5 (for the mpg )
I have not test drove a Forrester or cross trek But I’m wondering how they compare
Very open-minded when it comes to pricing lol

Forester is a bit cheaper.

thanks for edit :smile: