2018 subaru forester 2.5i premium quote - how does it look?

received the following offer today from a ‘no haggle’ dealership(different than the one i mentioned in my cargurus post).

haven’t been ab;e to find a broker in new england dealing with subarus…

numbers don’t match with the calculator so i’m pretty sure there is some padding somewhere. would appreciate feedback on how to improve it:

  • forester 2.51 premium w/ jff14 / opt 14 (eyesight/cold weather/starlink), and a bunch of smaller things i don’t much care about pre-installed(lic. plate bracket, anyone?)…
  • msrp: 29,216
  • sale price: 26,909
  • mf: .0001 (0.24%)
  • rv: ? (working on this)
  • 36/10
  • das: 1,475 (incl. $595 acquisition, $377 doc fee, $62.xx tax, $135 reg, $ 306 1st payment)
  • monthly: $306 (incl. 6.25% mass. tax)

here’s the calc with numbers filled in (i don’t have rv yet, trying to obtain), which ends up showing ~35/mo. less than quoted for 36/10.

Did not look at the calculator, but your sale price is at around invoice. You should do much better than that on an outgoing Forester - at least $1,500 more off, but more like $2K, I think.

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are the listed sale(dealer) prices listed on cargurus.com accurate? my impression was that they were advertised/posted by dealership, is this not the case?

my experience today:
searching for subaru forester, i ran a search of aged inventory (200+ days) on cargurus (most of them were listed by the same dealership), and reached out to them via their website asking for a quote on specific vin #s. prices advertised on their website are higher than what’s on cargurus (which i expected, fine) and was told their website prices were the best they can do. i smell bait&switch, though i never shopped through carguru pricing this way before so am not sure? has anyone had this experience, and have any tips? i have time this weekend and would love to wrap this up.
thanks in advance!

thanks, @Ursus . will hit them back for a higher discount.
another local shop is advertising 15-20% off msrp on cargurus, but does not seem to be honoring those prices when i inquire with them. too good to be true, i guess.