2018 Subaru Crosstrek - 79% Residual


Probably OK with high MF and low discounts.


what was the invoice pricing?


I think I’m a little over 1K behind invoice on this. Not sure though.


I think less than that


Just a fantastic car, couldn’t be any happier:


Nice. Can you post picture & details here:


Wanted to chime in on that I also picked up a 2018 limited and love it. The limited model is extremely hard to find in most markets now tho and it seems 500-700 off msrp is the norm as of this post. Local dealer I dealt with told me they only got allocated 3 total for October so who knows how long before discounts and inventory go back up. I did a purchase on mine and just wanted to forward the info that Subaru comes back at 3.99 72months. Buy rate is 2.75. So a dealer can give you that rate if they wish to loose there cut.

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Advertised at about invoice (~$2K off)


Not saying nobody’s doing it. But the biggest advertised within 500 miles of down here is around $900. Most dealerships have under 10 listed as well and many are in transit. True car actually lists the true car price as slightly above msrp.


Because TrueCar gets its cut. If dealer sells for $500 off MSRP and TrueCar gets $1K referral, you do the math :slight_smile:


A month ago it was around $1000 off msrp. Didn’t realize truecar got that big of a cut now. When I last heard anyone talk about it they got $250 a referral and a yearly fee for the dealer to be on the list.


Got an email from chase for $300 off, just want to share



I think it’s personalised offer, no? I got the same.


Oh, it is personalized? So cant share. Didnt know :sweat_smile:


Costco price is $600 under invoice for the premium, by the way!


It’s run by the same people who did LExus promotion. Just change the link and get the offer :slight_smile:


Costco is one of the better leasehacking tools


This could be a stupid question. What is the “Net cap cost.” There is a deal listed on the subaru page but it says “Net cap cost of $19,880.” Does that mean that’s the total amount the can be applied to that lease deal?


It’s the sales price after rebates/incentives/down payment.


OK. So if you want the $199 “deal” you have come up with enough down to make the leased amount $19,880 in this example. Thanks for the input.