2018 Subaru Crosstrek - 79% Residual

Not crazy about the car but a 24/10 lease has a 79% residual value. Drops to 71% at 36mo.

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What’s the MF ? [20]

Well…its pretty bad. Shows at .00265. Wonder how a 3rd party lease would work on this with presumably cheaper money.

You’re almost better off getting a loan, buying the car and selling it after 24/10 if the residuals are that good.

Yeah I’d take a loan under 2% than lease over 6% but wth a loan your paying more tax prob

That residual isn’t a real world residual though. Don’t expect to be able to sell the car in 2 years for 79% of MSRP.

That’s always the tradeoff; low MF/ low Residual or high MF / high residual. All else being equal I’d go with low/low since if you want to buy the car outright, you’re better off.


True, though from looking at 24k miles used models vs. new it looks like its in the high 60s, possibly low 70s assuming the sticker price is negotiated down.

The residual you see them use is what there system will have it at in 3 years in there inflated trade system. If your gonna stick to Subaru in 3 years you can get the value towards another new Subaru purchase.

According to whom? I bought a new 2015 Crosstrek - sticker $24,450 for $21,970 (+tax), and traded it in a few months ago for $19,800. Had 26k on the odometer. Residual seems pretty spot on to me.


He’s clueless about Subaru. I got more than payoff on my 2009 Forester lease and 62% trade-in on my 4(!) years old with 35k miles

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Is this on the east coast? Those residuals would not exist in the mountain west, where every other car is a Subaru.

They are national for Subaru, you if mean lease RV. Resale RV are highest too, you just said it yourself:

…for a reason
But most likely lower in the South, for obvious reasons.

If you can sell a 2 year old for 80% of MSRP, I tip my hat to you. But where I live, that ain’t happening with a 'Baru, since none of the cheap bastard ski bums will pay that much for a 2 year old. :slight_smile:

Read and learn about Subaru


Like I said - I sold 4 years old $30K (paid $26,xxx) for 62% ($18,500). Do the math.

So do you totally LOVE it?

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Residual is probably pretty accurate. Wife had 2015 crosstrek limited totaled by a deer. 2 + yrs old, 22k on it. After 500 deductable we got paid out all but 4k of original purchase price. Obviously trading in you won’t get as high a value but these do gold insane value

I don’t LOVE any of my cars

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I take it you don’t want a lot of Subaru commercials.

I also get emails from them with LOVE, so no.

I have this offer, inclined to take it and appreciate any input or guidance! This site has been a tremendous resource for me.

2018 Subaru Crosstrek Limited

With Moonroof, Nav, EyeSight

MSRP: 31,026
Selling Price: 29,053
Residual: 22,024.00
348 per month
700 + plates/reg drive off cash
MF =.00195