2018 SRT 392 Challenger, 55k MSRP, $489/month incl Tax and $500 DAS - 36/15

Negotiated this deal:

**Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT 392 Hemi

This car has too many features/options to list but here is the good stuff: Heated/cooled Laguna Leather seats, 8.4 touchscreen with Nav, Rear Cross path detection, Front Crash Detection, Blind Spot monitor, Adaptive Cruise control, Power moonroof, 18 Speaker Harmon Kardon Surround Sound w/ two subwoofers and an Amp. Not to mention 485 horsepower, and 475 lb/ft of torque!

**MSRP: $55,070
**Selling Price: $48,800
**Monthly Payment: $489 incl 7.75% tax
**Cash Due at Signing: $500
**MSD: None
**Incentives: $1000 conquest. $8500 IDL bonus cash (US Bank)

**Months: 36
**Annual Mileage: 15k per year
**MF: .001650
**Residual: 53%

**Region: SoCal
Leasehackr Score: 10.xx

It was hard finding a lot of info about SRT 392 leases here but this forum always helps.


Nice job. Love that car

Nice deal, congrats!

What color?

Really starting to think about a 19 Scat Wide Body but don’t think I’ll get a deal this good on the new one.

Congrats and enjoy that power !!!

Who is the dealer??? I am also in SoCal and shopping around, I started with a Hellcat but nobody is playing nice so I need to move down to a SRT392.

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When I was looking for a 392 Challenger in July, it seemed like the SRT had the best combination of lease terms and incentives. Who knows whats up now, but in July every model had different terms. I went for the shaker because I liked the scoop, but I think the payments were higher on that model. It would be interesting to see what the same lease would come out like using CCap instead of US Bank. US Bank is a bear when it comes to payoffs along the way for third parties vs the original lessee and a lot of people hate them as a result. The MF and RV will probably be better, but the rebates will probably be worse.

I think getting a dealer to locate what you want and trade for it is almost a no-go based on my experience with the Dodge dealers I spoke with. You can run a zip code based search on the Dodge website, so my suggestion would be to find who has the SRT 392 that you want and then beat them over the head with what kind of discount you want, buy rate on the MF, and see where it goes. It seems on several models the acquisition fee is actually waived, too.

I was also interested in 2019 Scat Pack Widebody but I didn’t want to wait. There probably won’t be any major deals on it at first either.

Destroyer Gray- nice! That was one of my top choices. Went with F8 Green:

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both colors look sick … great job.

You happy with these beasts?

Man, both those look great! I’ve been emailing with 7 different dealers near me on a few cars and NO one wants to play ball. Best hellcat òffèr I got was $72k msrp with $1500 DAS and $700 a mo!! That’s 36/10. Lame. I tried a scat pack at $48k and best was $500. In NC with just 3% tax too. Starting to get frustrated, especially since building them on Dodge website shows HC at $500 and scat at $398!?

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I’m wondering what the used market will look like on all of these. My local dealer said they have been ordering them like crazy and blowing them out.

There is definitely something up with the calculations on Dodge’s website. If they were correct I’d definitely be driving a Hellcat.

The Dodge website does not have the best design. Definitely some bugs when sorting inventory. I used Cars.com, Autotrader etc.

I agree that you should always know exactly which car you want from the dealer you are going to talk to (including stock number). All of that information is available on the dealer’s website and you don’t look like a seasoned buyer if you don’t even know what they have in stock. If you aren’t willing to do that, I would recommend going through a broker on here.

Just got back from Classic Dodge in Charlotte nc…bahahahah. Wouldn’t give the numbers so I could post but the worksheet said:
18 challenger scat pack auto
$48235 msrp
$3000 off
$5000 rebate (which I do t see anywhere, should be $3750 here)
48mos 10k (yes, they really came at me with 48)
$500 das and…drum roll…$590 a month!!
Hahaha, clowns. Left in a hurry

If I could get a deal like this on a Charger, I’d be there…