2018 Santa Fe lease numbers..MF markup?

So got some numbers over the phone today on a 2018 Santa Fe SE lease. 32.5 msrp. Basically told numbers originally without messing with sales price overall at that point. $330 like $1k drive off and 370ish zero drive. (Can’t remember exactly) Then have them run wife’s credit which I knew would put us at not the highest tier but he comes back with .0025 (6%)!!! Then of course it’s like $425 zero drive. I know Santa Fe is .00157 (3.77%) from Edmunds research. I asked what was pulled and he said 659…is there anyway in hell it would be that awful a MF even with avg credit? I know there can be more than just score when deciding but still does not seem right at all. Wife currently leases Sorento ending in August with zero payment issues as well. They were also shaky on 4k lease cash incentive which I basically had to ask if it was included in qoute. Almost like playing dumb asked where I found that information. It’s the 18th of the freaking month. Zero chance a salesman doesn’t know about 4k lease cash right? This whole process is such a nightmare even when you do a ton of research and have a great feel for what you should be getting.

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I’m not 100% on Hyundai but 659 score with Toyota would barely be Tier 3 and barely qualify for incentivized rates.

Highlander Tier1+
MF 0.00080
Tier 3

So it can jump up a lot based on score.

Yeh I get that it can be a huge jump like the 5.4 you show in that scenario. But even 6%? And idk how Toyota and Hyundia compare obviously but from everything I’ve read it seemed way high.