2018 S90 T5 MOM FWD - lease protect insurance

what have people been able to get the Lease Protect insurance deal to?
PDR, key fob, road hazard windshield.

Most people don’t get it but I think they were offering it for 1k.

ouch! paid $300 for my 2015.5 S60. I’m only concerned about the PDR. I don’t things, so the fob is a waste. Glass is covered in NYS.

in looking at paper from local dealer the other day for S60 (that was where I started, but now…), there is a electronic filing fee of $300. Any idea what that is?
Trying to get email from the local dealers is slow slog.

This is the last thing you should be worried at this point.

@metropical stop creating new threads for every little question. And learn to search.